15+ People Who Turned Things Around and Are Now Living Their Best Lives

Sometimes it can feel like the whole world is against us. But it can be incredibly motivating to see how people have conquered obstacles to go on and lead fulfilling lives. From those who turned their health around to people who picked themselves back up when all seemed lost, it’s heartwarming to witness them achieve their goals.

Bright Side loves to hear how people have overcome their struggles to live their best lives. So today, we’ve gathered 20 inspiring stories from people who escaped rock bottom to be on cloud 9.

1. “Same spot, 5 years and 252 lb apart!”

2. “3 months after chemotherapy, cancer-free and feeling amazing physically!”

3. “On the left, I was 13 and homeless. Today, I’m a father and just celebrated 20 years of marriage. Life can get better.”

4. “I left a bad relationship and a job I hated, and I got on a plane to Nepal. One year later, I found myself in New Zealand; happy.”

5. “Revisited Stone Mountain after 2 years and had to take a picture in the same place/pose, but now I’m 100 lb down.”

6. “20 years old and a college dropout on the left vs 23 and a nurse on the right”

7. “Left: I had zero self-confidence, bad teeth, and bad credit. Right: I have a healthy lifestyle, a good credit score, and a decent smile.”

8. “The pic on the left was exactly 3 years ago when I was close to 600 lb. Around 230 lb now.”

9. “A year ago, I was really lonely and struggling with my mental health. Now I’m happily married and a puppy mom.”

10. “3 years ago, I was almost homeless. I am now a proud single mom with an amazing job and home.”

11. “Recently left a toxic workplace, and mentally, I feel like I’ve never been better!”

12. “2 years ago, my girlfriend left me, and I was close to being homeless. Today, I’m grateful for the few things I have.”

13. “After an eviction, being cheated on, failing classes, and losing a job, I took a road trip with my son. We felt happy and free.”

14. “When I started college, I was lost, anxious, and felt useless. But I’ve graduated and start my dream job next week.”

15. “From obese to fitness instructor! It’s been a year and a half of maintenance and focusing on getting strong.”

16. “On my way to ENG 101, my first college class since I failed and gave up on my degree 15 years ago.”

17. “After years of suffering from bipolar disorder, I’m stable, have a job, and have great relationships with my loved ones.”

18. “4 years ago, I was kicked out, single, and jobless. Last weekend my husband and I moved into our first home.”

19. “My daughter is the reason I decided to turn my life around.”

Do you know anyone with an inspiring story? We’d love to hear it in the comments!

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