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15 People Whose True Stories Sound Like They Are Living in the Twilight Zone

If you observe closely, there are times when something so strange happens that it can’t be explained with logical reasoning. These weird occurrences are like glitches in our everyday lives and are more common than we think. People on the internet are sharing their creepy experiences more often and they are truly better than any modern-day thrillers.

Bright Side has picked 15 of the most interesting glitches for our readers that will definitely make you scratch your head.

  • I remember when I was 16 years old, one day when nobody was home, I woke up at around 11 a.m. I was supposed to meet a friend at 4, so I decided to watch TV. After 30 minutes, my mom came and asked me where I had been all day. I looked at my watch and it was 5 p.m. According to my mom, my brother and she were at home at that time, but for some reason they didn’t see me and I wasn’t aware of their presence either. It’s been 10 years and it’s still the weirdest thing to ever happen to me. © LegitimatePick3 / Reddit

  • When I was 10, my brother used to drive me around while playing “Song 2” by Blur in his Jeep and waving his arm and saying “Wahoo!” He died in 2000 and I kept his memory alive by getting my “Wahoo!” on my license plate. Years later, I met this complete stranger at a game, and coincidentally the same song was playing. She randomly told me her brother used to play this song while driving his Jeep. He died in 2000 and she got “Wahoo!” on her license plate for him. © GMT_Tech101 / Reddit
  • I was chilling on the couch when my dog walked past me to go sit on her bed behind me. She had been coughing a little since the previous day. A few minutes later, her coughing turned into a snore and then into a terrible and terrifying wheezing sound. I got up immediately to check on her, but when I looked at her bed, the sound stopped abruptly and she wasn’t there. She had been with my parents for the half-hour leading up to that incident. © kat22l / Reddit
  • My mom passed away 13 years ago. 4 years ago, my dad was on a vacation with his girlfriend when the hotel phone rang. When he picked up, he heard my mom saying, “I’m ok.” My dad was surprised and he called out my mother’s name, to which she said, “Tell Heather (me) I’m ok.” My dad immediately called me and started crying. © Infinitechemistry88 / Reddit
  • One time at a Christmas party, my little sister who has Down syndrome, ran up and clung to a complete stranger. My mom and I both were apologizing to the woman, when my sister suddenly said, “I’m so sorry that your mommy left you,” while crying. The woman teared up too and then told us that her mom had passed away a few days before. © meta_metalhead / Reddit
  • One day my dad was telling me how he had a really tough life and that, at one moment, he was at his lowest point and just wanted to run away. The next day he drove to help out one of our relatives who live 3 hours away and I got kind of worried for some reason and decided to check up on him. I don’t know what came over me, but I called him and started crying, telling him how much he means to me and what a wonderful person he is. He cried too and told me we’d talk when he gets back. Upon returning, he told us that about 30 years ago, he was traveling to the same town thinking of ending it all. On his way, he stopped to make a phone call, but when he picked up the receiver, he heard the same things I told him on the phone yesterday. © iselenaii / Reddit
  • My younger brother decided to visit me in a hostel I was staying at and we were chatting when he randomly asked about this girl named Nisha. I had never heard the name before, so I asked him who he was talking about. He was visibly confused and asked me to drop the act. A few days later I saw my mom and asked her about the girl. She was taken aback and told me she was my girlfriend and my brother’s best friend who died in a car crash a few years back. She showed me a photo, but I still can’t seem to remember anything about her. © Stubbornmortal / Reddit
  • About 7-8 years ago, when my husband and I were watching TV, we saw a kid peeping at us through the window. We have a kid and we thought it was him trying to prank us, but when he got closer, we realized it was someone else. He slowly approached us with his curls bouncing and crouched under the bed. But, when we looked, there was no one there. After a few months, I realized I was pregnant and soon gave birth to a baby boy. Fast forward a few years later, Liam, who is 2 now, comes slowly walking into my room, his curls bouncing, and it hit me like a bucket of ice. It was he who visited us that day. © VenusValkyrieJH / Reddit
  • I have 4 kids, but I always feel like there’s someone missing. Often times I start to panic, thinking I had a fifth one I can’t find. I never told anyone about this, but then the weirdest thing happened. My parents sent $500 as a gift for the children, saying there’s a $100 for each one. When I told them there were only 4 of them, they were really confused at first and then said maybe their old age is getting to them because they thought there were 5. © for-the-weirdstuff / Reddit
  • One morning when I was 15, I was walking toward my friend’s house before going to school. On my way, when I was crossing a constricted street, I saw a sweet old lady who smiled at me and greeted me politely. I happily returned the gesture and kept walking, but then her eyes completely changed and were full of terror. She was shaking and seriously pleading with me to go the other way. I didn’t understand why, but I changed my direction nonetheless. A few seconds later, a car crashed into the corner, exactly where the lady was standing. I freaked out and ran toward the accident site to make sure the granny was okay, but to my surprise, there was no one there. © xapricietieGuava / Reddit
  • My family was getting ready to leave the house and I was the last one inside. I sensed my husband coming back inside the house, so I asked him if he had closed the windows. He said, “Uhhh, no. I’ll go do that.” So, I leave to get into the car, only to see my husband is sitting in the driver’s seat. Puzzled, I asked him if he had already closed the windows and he said, “No, I’ll go do that.” He swore he didn’t go back in before or speak to me. Funny thing is, when we went inside, the windows were already closed. © lillyloserww / Reddit
  • A few months ago, I was driving to a doctor’s appointment. I have visited the same doctor, taking the same route for years, and it takes about 10 minutes from my place. It’s mostly a straight road and I always watch out for a school that signals the hospital is ahead. I was kinda driving on autopilot when I realized it was taking more time than I expected. I look out and see that all the houses look the same and I’m crossing the same stoplights over and over again, even though I’m not making any turns. This went on for what felt like forever, with no other cars around me. I stopped the car to check the map. Surprisingly, the map said that I was on the right track. I pulled out of my parking spot and suddenly saw the school right there. It wasn’t there before. © adhdandwingingit / Reddit
  • When I was 13, my sister and I both experienced the weirdest thing ever. We were moving to a new place and initially had trouble shifting a large bookshelf. The shelf went into my sister’s room and I saw her putting her toy collection and books on it while standing on a kitchen chair for the height. A moment later, I hear a loud crash and I rush in thinking my sister fell, but no. There was no chair in the room, the shelf had completely disappeared, and all her things were on the floor. No one in our family remembers having that bookshelf except my sister and me. © AccordingFault8 / Reddit
  • Visited my boyfriend’s parents in a city I had never been to before. We sat around in the kitchen talking and then his mother asked me to get her the scissors. I got up, went to the guest room dresser, opened the second drawer, and got them out. There was no way I could have known where they were. © badbutton1234 / Reddit
  • I was on the phone with my friend. She was talking about something and I replied in agreement. Suddenly, she starts saying the same things she said a while back, over and over again. The sentences sounded different, but they all meant the same thing and it baffled me. I felt as if I’d lost all sense of time and I could hear someone texting my phone repeatedly. I tell her that she’s already said what she said before and she stopped, as if she was listening, but then proceeded to say the same things again. It was really weird and it creeped me out. Then the line got cut off and I check my phone to see who the texts and missed calls were from before. They were from my same friend, asking me to call her back ASAP. © searchlight01 / Reddit

Have you ever experienced a glitch in your life? If something like this were to happen to you, how would you react?

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