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18 Photos Proving We’re Surrounded by Kindness, Even If We Can’t See It

Random acts of kindness, without expecting anything in return, can be a simple but very effective way of touching someone’s life. We never know what lives other people are living, and sometimes all they need is a small gesture to brighten their whole day. When the opportunity to help someone arises, a big-hearted step up without thinking twice to donate their kidney or offer some encouragement is always appreciated.

At Bright Side, we believe that everyone deserves kindness. And if you look closely, you’ll see that the world is full of kind-hearted strangers who are looking out for you.

1. “My mom is giving me one of her kidneys tomorrow. Best mom ever!”

2. “My son gave me his watch for good luck at my interview today after seeing I was nervous. The love I have for that kid is immeasurable.”

3. “My wife has been a teacher at her new school here in Japan for only a few months, but the kiddos gave her so much love.”

4. “My mom has been crocheting Freddy Mercury dolls and auctioning them off for cancer research.”

5. “I learned today that my mom had been doing odd extra jobs for money for years to save up and buy me this guitar.”

“She gave it to me for my birthday today and I am speechless.”

6. “My 92-year-old dad tells car stories to my son.”

7. “Lost my phone at a party last night and had it returned. Today I found this picture in my gallery. Thank you, kind strangers!”

8. “My neighbor is the master of Halloween. 350 Nathan’s Hot Dogs, chili, cheese, hot cocoa, and more!”

9. “My boyfriend wanted to prove he could make cupcakes. Showed up at my office with this.”

10. “My manager gave me this encouraging chocolate bar last night for working overtime in a position I don’t normally work.”

11. “My little niece turns 11 today. She gave me her favorite crystal last time I saw her and I forged it into a wand for her.”

12. “This is Frankie, a baby seagull that fell off of our roof, we feed him every day and he’s doing great!”

13. “I was the recipient of an unexpected act of kindness today.”

The card says:
Your purchase is very much appreciated! I hope you enjoy these earrings and the little extras included. :) Stay safe and be well out there!

14. “My dad is retired and he just made a birdhouse out of scraps he was going to throw away. :)”

15. “Had a lovely chat with a staff member in Lush. She gave me this a few minutes after, so sweet.”

It says:
A random act of kindness
For a lovely chat + good vibes!

16. “A guest gave this to me out of nowhere from their own shop on NJ. I’ve always wanted to try salt water taffy!”

17. “My mom kept all the flowers my brother and I gave her over the years.”

18. “I sent my grandfather a photo and he mailed me this about a year later.”

How do you practice kindness in your daily life? Who are you thankful for?

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