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19 People Whose Eyes Are So Beautiful We Could Drown in Them


Human eyes are a beautiful and mysterious mirror to the soul. They are the first things you notice when you meet somebody. They basically reveal the world to us. The “magic” of melanin in our eyes dictates what color eyes we have and some of us have 2 different eye colors. They can even make you feel like you are drowning inside them.

Bright Side has collected photos of some of the most beautiful eyes in the world.

1. Prepare to make green your favorite color.

2. Eyes are truly the windows to the soul.

3. A work in contrast...pale pink pops against those baby blues.

4. Waardenburg syndrome can cause people to have bright blue eyes.

5. Eyes could even have the color of coffee.

6. The eyes are the perfect accessory.

7. The best color is always the rainbow.

8. These 2 are 2 of a kind.

9. Age does not impact the power of a look.

10. Now, this is what I call a light show!

11. Beauty and the Beast

12. One look can tell a story.

13. Admit it, blue was the first color you saw.

14. Time to lose your heart in 3...2...1

15. Some eyes are just forever young.

16. Just looking at this feel like a spring vacation.

17. Bright eyes could change your life.

18. Such small reflections of light...

19. This beauty should not be so shy.

Do you believe that eyes are the mirrors of one’s soul? What color are your eyes? Share your thoughts and photos with us in the comments.

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