18 People Who Decided to Share the Results of Their Teenage Transformations

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Teenagehood isn’t always an easy period for a person. Growing up almost always comes with skin issues, unsuccessful haircuts, and bad decisions about style. That’s why when looking at teenagers, it’s hard to imagine how attractive they will become.

We at Bright Side were curious to look at the magical transformations of people and couldn’t pass over photos that demonstrate this process perfectly.

“I stopped using a straightener. Now I’m often told that I look like Keanu Reeves.”

“2020 vs 2022, I’m feeling better about myself.”

From an ordinary teenager to a cinema star

“70+ lb of weight loss from 16 to 25”

“Feels like a whole generation ago.”

Only the eyes show it’s the same person.

“Old pics are cracking me up.”

“What was I thinking when I was dressing up like this at 13?”

“Through recent years, I stopped plucking my eyebrows, began exercising, cut my hair, and picked up skincare. I’ve never felt better.”

“I was much heavier at 15 and I didn’t know how to take care of my hair.”

“Removed my braces, changed my style, and the result is impressive!”

When you grow up into a true beauty with shining eyes

Only 4 years have passed and the changes are drastic.

A 10-year difference between the photos

“Now I’m secure in my self-esteem.”

“My skin is still far from perfect, but it’s a lot better.”

“It wasn’t just a change in my appearance but also the confidence in my abilities and willingness to try new things.”

“13 to 21 — dreams really do come true!”

Do you have before and after photos from your teenage years? Can you please share them with us?

Preview photo credit 531345wert / Reddit


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