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20+ Bright Siders That Proudly Showed How Much They Resemble Their Relatives

When a baby is born, for some strange reason the families of both parents start looking for similarities, whether it’s the spitting image of the mother, the father, or the grandparents. It almost seems like it’s a competition. In the end, chance has the last word because most physical traits don’t depend on one gene in particular. That’s why there are some children who look just like their father’s family, and others, like their mother’s. And then there are those that are a mix of both.

Bright Side was reviewing some of the pictures our readers shared with us, in which they show how much they look like their relatives.

1. “My oldest son and me at the same age”

2. “Below is my son in a blue T-shirt, and above he is a dad with his little son.”

3. “Above is my husband with my youngest son, and below is my oldest son with his son (my grandson).”

4. “My mother in 1955, me in 1976, my daughter in 1998, and my granddaughter in 2020”

5. “My boy and his dad, both one year old”

6. “I am 4 years old in this pic and my daughter is 2 — I think we have the same look.”

7. “My daughter and me”

8. “My daughter and dad, same age: one and a half years old”

9. “My paternal grandfather and me”

10. “My paternal grandmother and me at 18 years of age”

11. “My daughter and her dad”

12. “Father and son”

13. “My son and his uncle”

14. “Grandmother (right) and my daughter”

15. “My son and me”

16. “My husband and daughter”

17. “Mom and daughter”

18. “On the left is my son. On the right is his father when he was a baby. At least he’s got my mannerisms!”

19. “My daughter and me”

20. “My daughter and me”

21. “My son and his dad”

22. “My paternal grandmother and I never met her and neither did my father.”

23. “My daughter and my mom, both 3 years old in the pictures”

Who in your family do you most resemble? What are the physical traits or personal characteristics that you inherited?

Preview photo credit Citlalli Flores / Facebook
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