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20+ Photos That Prove It’s Diversity That Makes Our Planet Truly Unique

Different races, traditions, lifestyles, cultures, and clothes... We might all be from different worlds, but in reality, we all live in one. And this makes it truly unique and stunningly beautiful.

Here at Bright Side we’ve collected some mesmerizing photos that show how different cultures color our world. Honestly, it took our breath away, and now we want it to take yours.

1. Mother and daughter in traditional Mexican attire

2. “I am half-Scottish and half-Japanese. I hand-sewed this kimono.”

3. A Lillooet Bear Dancer from the St’at’imc culture

4. Ukrainian girls in their national clothing

5. Little girls from Thailand

6. The details from an Indian bride on her wedding day

7. Eagle hunter at the Golden Eagle Festival in Ölgii, Mongolia

8. Little dancing girls, Indonesia

9. A mother carrying her baby on the back, Kenya

10. A Vietnamese farmer with his buffalo

11. Amazonian children living in a tribe in Brazil

12. Traditional clothing from an Indian wedding

13. A lady at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

14. “A summer night in Japan”

15. Russian girls in traditional clothes

16. Traditionally dressed kids, Indonesia

17. A Hawaiian girl

18. A dancing woman in Laos

19. A traditional Georgian wedding

20. A tribe in Papua New Guinea

21. An Ifugao man, Philippines

22. A local man from Kazakhstan

Where are you from? What are the best parts of your culture? Please share your photos with us, we would love to make another article about diversity, but we need your input.

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