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21 Actors Whose Age Raises Only One Question, “Wait, Are You Kidding Me?”

Not everyone who decides to watch a movie or an episode of their favorite TV series in the evening will search the internet for information about the actors. And very rarely is someone interested in their age. For example, we just see a character who is a little over 20 years old according to the plot, and that’s enough. But have you ever thought about how old Peter Dinklage, who played the role of Tyrion Lannister, really is?

We at Bright Side wondered about the current age of the actors who played charismatic characters in movies and TV shows. And, to be honest, some of them surprised us a whole lot.

1. Robbie Coltrane, 70 years old

2. Peter Dinklage, 51 years old

3. Lucy Liu, 51 years old

4. John Bradley-West, 32 years old

5. Kathy Bates, 72 years old

6. David Duchovny, 60 years old

7. Lena Headey, 47 years old

8. Rachelle Lefevre, 41 years old

9. Jim Parsons, 47 years old

10. Cobie Smulders, 38 years old

11. Gillian Anderson, 52 years old

12. Josh Radnor, 46 years old

13. Mayim Bialik, 44 years old

14. Liu Yifei, 33 years old

15. Matt Bomer, 43 years old

16. Misha Collins, 46 years old

17. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, 50 years old

18. Sarah Chok, 44 years old

19. Rita Moreno, 88 years old

20. Kyle MacLachlan, 61 years old

21. Viggo Mortensen, 62 years old

We at Bright Side never imagined that the handsome Aragorn was already over 60, but we were happy to note that Robin Scherbatsky hasn’t changed a bit. And whose age was a total discovery for you?

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