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7 On-Screen Couples Who Wouldn’t Have Ended Up Together in Real Life

There have been many times when movies and shows have been called out by fans because they didn’t like some of the decisions regarding the characters. And creators want to keep their audiences happy and that’s why sometimes they build stories in order to satisfy the masses. It doesn’t always mean that this is the right or realistic thing to do, but they end up doing it anyway.

Bright Side thinks that these 7 popular on-screen couples only ended up together because they were fictional and had to keep the audiences happy.

1. Ross and Rachel from Friends

The main issue with Ross’ and Rachel’s relationship was Ross’ insecurities which caused him to be very jealous of Rachel. That’s why they went on a break before they finally broke up, because he was jealous of Mark, Rachel’s co-worker. After many seasons of tribulations and feelings coming and going, Rachel is being offered her dream job in Paris. But, she decides to stay back and be with Ross.

Throughout the years after their breakup, Ross remained quite possessive and judgmental of Rachel’s relationships. He even went behind her back to try and get her old boss to offer her job back so she wouldn’t leave for Paris. He manipulated the whole situation in a way that in real life would have made any woman furious. So, probably Ross was a man who needed to work a lot on himself.

2. Edward and Bella from Twilight

Even though Bella and Edward ending up together was a happy moment for most viewers, their relationship was highly toxic. Firstly, Edward did try to gaslight Bella in the very first movie after he saved her from the car. Bella wanted to know how he managed to do that, but he kept saying that she imagined the whole thing. Not only that, but they have both manipulated each other in their own way.

For example, in Eclipse, there is a scene where Bella is trying to get Edward to be intimate with her. He doesn’t give in easily and says that she would have to marry him in order to move further. And the whole love story between them is based on obsession and unhealthy behaviors.

3. Ezra and Aria from Pretty Little Liars

Falling in love with someone who is underage might sound innocent, but acting on this impulse is all kinds of dangerous. This is what happened with Aria and Ezra, since he was her high school teacher. So, he knew very well that nothing could happen between the two of them. No matter how persistent Aria was, Ezra should have stood firm and denied any kind of relationship with her.

And while there are many stories where people fell in love in similar situations and remained together for years, Pretty Little Liars glorified the whole situation. They created a “forbidden fruit” atmosphere where the viewers rooted for these two to be together.

4. Stanford and Anthony from Sex And The City 2

Now, there wasn’t anything really bad with these two guys’ relationship, but rather about the way it was built by the show. There was no depth to their relationship and just served as Carrie’s gay couple friends. We never saw their struggles and real-life behind New York’s bright lights and the only unique thing was their wedding.

It felt like their relationship was always treated as a spectacle and something so out of this world. It would have been great if they were portrayed as just another couple in love.

5. Sandy and Danny from Grease

Decades after the movie first premiered, many people will say that Sandy shouldn’t have forgiven Danny for all the things he did to her. He had made various gross comments about her with his friends, he tried to touch her without her consent, and he even forced himself on her in the car. He is so insecure about his appearance that he wants his friends’ applause and validation.

And the way he gets those is by being rude and simply bad towards Sandy. He was a confused teenager who had still a lot of growing up to do. However, he still deserves all the criticism and Sandy shouldn’t have gotten back with him.

6. Hermione And Ron from Harry Potter

From the start of the Harry Potter franchise, it was obvious that Ron had inferiority issues. He even became extremely jealous during the Yule Ball due to Hermione’s close relationship with Krum. He proceeded to ruin her night, but Hermione chose to slip his behavior under the rug. Later on, they even went to couple’s therapy, but it wasn’t all smooth after that.

And even though they ended up together, even Rupert Grint, who played Ron, said that these two would have divorced if they were real people.

7. Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair might have looked good as a couple, but they lacked real relationship foundations. They were breaking up all the time and there was always too much drama involving them. Don’t forget that Chuck once tried to trade Blair for a hotel. Also, there were always so many crazy obstacles that kept them apart and once they surpassed them they could be together.

Lastly, grand gestures are very often in their relationship and they fool themselves that they are the solution to everything. Showing up with flowers and flying over to fight for your love aren’t the things that keep two people together.

What other on-screen couples do you believe shouldn’t have ended up together, but only did so the viewers would be pleased?

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