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Bradley Cooper Shared Why He Was Jealous of Leonardo DiCaprio

Before becoming the famous actor we all know and love today, Bradley Cooper had to put in a lot of effort and play a lot of different parts. So, when he happened to run across a young Leonardo DiCaprio, all he could feel was jealousy. Today, that envy has transformed into a close bond between 2 brilliant actors who have repeatedly made us dream throughout the years.

2 successful actors

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Bradley Cooper started off as a poor actor, but he swiftly rose through the ranks to become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable figures and have a lucrative career. Before receiving 7 Academy Award nominations, Bradley worked in a variety of disciplines, including journalism, while still in college.

When Cooper realized he had a natural talent for the screen, he opted to pursue acting training, and he has since positioned himself as a notable actor. Cooper first gained notoriety in 2005’s Wedding Crashers, followed by a steady rise to prominence in films like The Hangover, American Hustle, and American Sniper. Cooper also changed roles in 2018, becoming the director of the Lady Gaga film A Star Is Born.

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Anyone who saw the young Leonardo DiCaprio in the classic Academy Award-winning movie Titanic had a crush on him. Nevertheless, DiCaprio’s career is rife with awards and films in which he played a variety of personalities and excelled in each. Leo is not only attractive, but he is also one of the best actors of all time, having worked in a variety of genres.

He debuted on television as a child in Romper Room before heading to the big screen with Titanic, followed by Romeo + Juliet and Catch Me If You Can. A slew of other award-winning films quickly followed these box office hits, including The Aviator, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Revenant, his long-awaited Oscar win.

Bradley’s insecurities and jealousy

Although they have never shared a screen, Cooper has confessed to having once envied DiCaprio’s success at the beginning of his career. The actor has spoken candidly in several interviews about the reasons and the exact moment DiCaprio made him envious. Bradley confessed: “I worked as a doorman throughout grad school. I remember taking Leonardo DiCaprio up to his room.”

The star then continued, “It was around the time of Titanic, and I remember this guy who looked like a kid, even though we were about the same age, he looked like a little boy. I remember thinking how I was 3 feet away from this guy, and we were worlds apart.”

Jealousy is not always a negative emotion, and it can inspire us to work harder and more tenaciously toward achieving our aims. That’s exactly what Bradley did to get to his own level of fame. Despite his many triumphs, Cooper still doubts his own skills when compared to prominent on-screen actors.

Paradoxically, Leonardo DiCaprio was supposed to star in Nightmare Alley, but Cooper secured the role instead. However, Cooper was still not feeling up to par when working alongside legendary actor Robert De Niro, “Nightmare Alley was an interesting example of how insecure I am,” he stated, “I guess I still am the guy that wants to be in the group.

Their long and close bond

Owing to the chain of events, Bradley and Leonardo have become great friends. Cooper, who once envied Leonardo for his early success, now views him as a good friend. Although they rarely flaunt their friendship, the 2 have become incredibly close over the years.

Even though they are 2 of the most well-known actors in Hollywood, Leo and Bradley have rarely publicly discussed their friendship, although they have been spotted together quite a bit. Bradley says about DiCaprio, “To this day, I can’t believe [I’m friends with him]. He’s infectious,” Cooper said. “When you’re with him, you find yourself just adopting some of those mannerisms through osmosis.”

Have you ever harbored envy for a friend? Do you believe it can serve as a catalyst for self-improvement?

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