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The Girl That “Couldn’t Just Wear a White Wedding Dress” Turns Her Dream Into a Colorful Business

Every girl dreams of having the perfect, most unique wedding dress. This girl took it to a whole new level — she got married in a ’’fire’’ dress! Taylor Ann, an American artist, knew she didn’t want to wear white on her special day so she decided to put her skills to the test. The result was something she herself didn’t expect, a colorful dip-dyed wedding gown. What’s even more special about this dress is that it kick-started her current career!

We at Bright Side love seeing people that don’t give up on their dreams, so we wanted to share this story of perseverance, and maybe even give some brides a few ideas.

Taylor never let her learning disabilities stop her.

Even as a child, Taylor knew all she wanted to do was create things, anything really. It may sound like a cliché, but because of her learning disability she was struggling to read and write, so art was her natural way of expressing her thoughts and feelings.

Her wedding day was closing in, so she poured all of her creativity into making it magical.

After a handful of failed businesses, she was starting to lose any hope of making it in the art world. Fortunately Taylor isn’t one to give up easily on her confidence in art, so she poured all of her creativity into planning her wedding day. She DIY-ed the invitations, sculpted the centerpieces, colored her hair, made the flowers... and then she turned her focus to her wedding dress.

The dress was perfect in every aspect except one — it was white!

In her head, Taylor didn’t want a traditional gown, but ended up falling in love with one. The only problem is — the dress was white! As beautiful as the dress looked, it just didn’t feel like it fit her personality: ’’I didn’t have a single idea for how I would color it. I just knew I needed to and from the moment I had the dress in-hand, I started to plan.’’

Messing up the dress didn’t sound as bad as wearing white, so she started painting.

Taylor chose the colors: purple because it was her favorite, blue because it was her husband’s favorite, yellow to honor her grandfather, and red as a symbol of love. Even though she wasn’t even sure it would work, she just kept on painting and eventually it all came together.

The dress left everyone in awe and the wedding day went perfectly, but happy times don’t always last.

The wedding day was perfect and full of color, just as she had imagined it. But, it wasn’t all smooth sailing from there. Months after the wedding, Taylor was jobless, every one of her entrepreneur plans had failed and she was ready to give up on her dream of being a full time artist.

Good things come when you least expect them.

As we all know, the universe works in mysterious ways, and this time was no exception. One morning, Taylor’s phone was so overwhelmed with notifications, that it caught her by surprise — her dress what gone viral on the internet! Soon enough, thousands of people started asking her to paint their wedding dresses and she started saying yes.

With a lot of creativity and a little luck, Taylor was able to make her dream come true. She now owns her own studio and her own little business of painting dresses.

Taylor’s skills gave her the opportunity to have a very unique career and we think her talent really shows through each gown. Which of these dresses is the one you would choose to wear on your special day?