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15 Astounding Things That Prove Japan Is a Hundred Steps Ahead of the World

You might already be aware of how Japan offers mind-blowing things that make us think the future is here, like their capsule hotels and the bullet train a.k.a. Shinkansen. But surely it doesn’t stop there. Japan keeps innovating and surprising us with more and more. Here is a whole list of things to show you how Japan is bringing the future to us via time travel!

Bright Side dived into Japanese culture one more time and we’ve discovered some of the coolest things that look like they came straight from the future.

1. Self-parking cars? Nissan even makes self-parking house slippers!

2. To save space, cars are parked vertically in places like Tokyo.

3. While a bidet may seem ordinary, Japanese toilet seats offer a simple bidet even for home use.

4. A kindergarten with a playground on the roof! Check out this huge oval-shaped tree house!

5. These yellow street lines are designed to guide the visually impaired citizens.

6. In Japan, there’s a hotel completely staffed by robots.

7. They have 3D visuals instead of pictures on the menus. How can you not salivate while looking at these?

8. This smart mirror by Novera interacts with users to make them feel beautiful. Reminds you of Snow White, right?

9. Despite its lack of space and the fact that it’s a metropolitan area, Tokyo found a solution to agriculture by bringing the rice field underground.

10. The popular crane games in Japan can be played anonymously online and the prizes can be sent right to your doorstep.

11. Don’t worry about a parking space for your bicycle because in Japan, there’s such a thing as underground bicycle parking.

12. The Japanese have come up with yet another futuristic-shaped fruit, the pentagon orange.

13. Saving space without compromising on the remembrance of those who have passed on, Japan introduced a beautiful high-tech cemetery.

14. This seemingly gravity-defying bridge is a real bridge in Japan. It looks a lot like a roller coaster, climbing up to the sky or coming down a steep slope.

15. Japan gives an edge (or 8) to an otherwise ordinary fruit.

Have you ever been to Japan? What feature of Japanese culture amazed you the most? Can you think of other astounding things from this country that make you think you’ve taken a glimpse into the future?

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