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Scotland Makes Period Products Free and Signals to the World to Do the Same

About half a billion girls and women on a global scale can’t afford to get period products nor do they have the facility to take care of their feminine hygiene, which can lead to different medical problems and complications. So Scotland became the first country to fight it. The Scottish government made tampons and pads free for everyone on the 24th of November 2020.

We at Bright Side heard about the Scottish decision and so we wanted to share the details about the historical change with everyone.

On average women spend over $6,000 buying menstrual products in their lifetime.

Taking into consideration the $6,000 per lifetime for women between ages 18 and 55, we come to the conclusion that each year we spend $162 on period products.

In fact, in one survey it was found that 72% of women think these products should be provided for free, and 69% think that they are too expensive. 1 in 4 women struggles to choose between buying food or feminine hygiene products.

However, Scotland just made history by making feminine hygiene products free for everyone in the country. The decision wasn’t made overnight, it took over a year to be implemented in real life, but in the end, it was worth it.

The idea was first introduced on April 23, 2019.

Finally, with the right amount of support, the idea passed the final stage. Starting from November 24th, the Scottish government has been given the power to set up a program that will allow everyone who is in need of period products to get them completely free.

Thanks to Monica Lennon and everyone who supported this decision, the government now has the power to make public facilities provide these products free of charge.

In one of Lennon’s interviews, she said: “This will make a massive difference in the lives of women and girls, and everyone who menstruates. There has already been great progress at a community level and through local authorities in giving everyone the chance to have period dignity.”

In 2017, Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced that universities, colleges, and schools need to provide free period products in their bathrooms. This new rule will also support this even more.

Businesses started to provide free period products even before the idea was confirmed.

Some pubs, restaurants, and even football clubs didn’t wait for the free period products idea to be accepted. They started to provide free tampons and pads in their facilities right after they heard about the idea. Now it’s common to see these products available almost everywhere.

Lastly, Lennon said that many people around the world have watched the progress in Scotland. She said that this is an important message because the girls’ and women’s rights are paramount.

What people think about free menstrual products

How much do period products cost where you live? Do you think the whole world should make pads and tampons free?

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