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11 Things We Do Wrong Every Day

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Hi everyone all those things are in islam religion since centuries
Don't tie cords in a knot. It will eventually break strands inside, which will require more amperage to push the electricity through, causing heat, and eventually a short, or even worse, fire.

Get a smaller carabiner clip. Put it on the extension cord, close to the plug, and secure it with a ziptie. When you plug something into the extension cord, simply clip the carabiner onto that cord as well. Then it can't come unplugged, and you're not ruining your cables. The best part? You can get packs of carabiner clips at the dollar stores very cheap, same with zipties and they're great to have around!! All my extension cords have carabiners attached close to the female end for this reason.

Also makes it easy for when you store the cable. Wrap the cord up like you normally would, plug the two ends together, and clip! Secured.