10 Amazon Finds That Can Help You Recharge and Relax at Home

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The crazy rhythm of modern life can easily make us feel tired and stressed. Today we selected 10 Amazon products that can help you recharge your batteries right at home. From a foot bath massager and a lamp with colorful jellyfish, to scented candles and bath bombs, these affordable items will engage all your senses and help you feel revived and uplifted after a long working day.

1. Turn bathing into a real spa experience with these color-changing bathtub lights. The lights are waterproof and can be used in both bathtubs and pools. The remote control that is included in the package will help you change the color of lights, their brightness, and the lighting modes.

The item is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are not included in the package.

Promising review: I am very impressed with this set of lights. Can be used in and out of water. The remote control provided controls everything and works really well. With a bit of imagination you could do plenty with these lights. Very impressive! @Philomena(Cheekypee)

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

2. For deep relaxation and stress relief, you can use this head massager. Just hold the handle and start moving the massager up and down your head softly or in circular motions over your scalp. You will enjoy a new exciting experience from the 20 massaging “fingers” touching your skin.

The item is great for people with anxiety and sleep problems and can help fight migraines and headaches.

Promising review: Looking for tingles? A bit of fun? A good little relaxer? Look no more! Most people, I assume, have used one of these, but if not, this is a little head massager, a bunch of metal wires with little plastic dots on the ends.
You move it up and down like a claw on your head. It feels great when you do it to yourself, and it feels exceptionally weird when you do it to someone else. Good for pranking unexpecting people/pets, and relaxing for when you are zoning out in front of the TV. Easily worth the few pounds it costs. @Gary M

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

3. If you are looking for even more unusual sensations, try this set that includes an acupressure mat and pillow. The acupressure spikes are equally placed across the mat to ensure even and balanced pressure on your body. The items can be helpful in dealing with headaches, back pain, neck pain, muscle soreness, stress, and tension.

The gentle, painless pressure of the mat allows the body to relax and release endorphins.

Promising review: Bought it mainly to try with lower back chronic pain and mild sciatic nerve inflammation, and it really feels good after using it for about 20 minutes a day, even if I haven’t used it long enough to comment on pain relief and other benefits. Good for relaxation too. Surely not expecting miracles here, but depending on the condition and severity it might help with the pain in the longer term.
Used it on the floor, and I warmly recommend direct contact with the skin, you’ll get a warm feeling almost immediately, but if it feels too painful a very light T-shirt might help. With a thicker T-shirt, I couldn’t feel the spikes. Also, you’ll have to move around on it if you are planning to target specific areas, for the lower back area, it’s really good to bend your knees over your chest, to put all the pressure on that specific area. It also works very well for the feet if you just stand on it. Overall a good product for the price, and I am happy with the purchase. @Manu

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

4. Pamper your tired eyes with this reusable cooling gel eye mask. The set includes an eye mask, 2 eye pads, and a cooling storage bag. Lightweight and relaxing, this cooling mask is a perfect way to soothe your eyes after a long working day.

Thanks to its storage bag, you can take this eye mask with you when you travel.

Promising review: This is a nice set of cooling eye masks. The product comes in a box that contains a cool bag, 1 gel eye mask, 2 gel eye pads, and the instruction manual. The mask and the pads contain a soothing gel with a premium matte texture.
There is a fabric side and a plastic side to choose from, depending on your preference. The eye mask has an adjustable head strap that makes it easier to use. Lovely quality. You have to place it in the refrigerator for about 60-90 minutes and then apply it on a clean face for 20-30 minutes.
The instructions suggest you can use it 3-4 times per week for the best results. Amazing product. Arrived promptly. Totally recommend it. @Konstantinos Petridis

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

5. If disturbing noises in your home or apartment prevent you from falling asleep and relaxing, this white noise machine can help. 24 sounds (including natural ones) will soothe your ears and bring about peaceful and deep sleep. The item features an optional night light that can enhance the relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

This white noise machine is suitable for both babies and adults.

Promising review: Originally bought the white version for my toddler’s bedroom to help block out the noisy neighbors, but just ordered the black version for myself too. I suffer from Misophonia and this is really going to help me block out background noise and noise from my neighbors.
Good volume control, very quiet on the lowest setting, and goes quite loud on the highest setting. Really good sound quality. Looks very smart. Nice night light feature. Very easy to use. @Paige

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

6. With this foot bath massager with bubbles and vibration, your feet will feel relaxed and refreshed. To make the process even more enjoyable, you can use your favorite salt and other ingredients. The ergonomic design of the item prevents water from splashing.

The non-slip rubber base guarantees comfort while in use.

Promising review: Fill it up, turn it on to the desired heat, and wait a couple of minutes. Then treat your feet and soul to a ridiculously relaxing soak. Absolute bliss. Cannot recommend it highly enough. @Calvin Dewhirst

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

7. If you are looking for a piece of home décor that will bring a soothing and relaxing atmosphere to your home, this jellyfish lamp is a perfect choice. The lamp can create a stress-free and calming environment for both kids and adults, and it’s a real pleasure to look at the colorful jellyfish moving.

The lamp is equipped with a color-changing function.

Promising review: My 3-year-old son loves this. Keeps him busy for ages. It took around 5 minutes for the fish and jelly fish to move about so be patient in case you think it’s not working. Makes a good night light as well. Has loads of different color lights you can choose from. It will also change colors every 5-10 seconds. @Mr B Venter

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

8. This set of 12 bath bombs is a real splash of color and aroma! Each bubble bath bomb is individually wrapped, which keeps them fresh and ensures their unique scents. The set is delivered in a nice box which makes it a good gift for yourself or someone special.

The set includes 12 scents: rosemary, lavender, tulip, peppermint, grapefruit, lemon, rose, jasmine, cinnamon, tea tree, ylang-ylang, and sweet orange.

Promising review: These are really nicely packaged, and all individually wrapped, would make a lovely gift. All natural scents, so they are not overpowering but enough so you can identify what they are without reading the label. They make a great fizz when put in warm water, and it lasts for ages. It also turns the bath water the color of the bomb.
Lovely smell, which fills the bathroom, but it’s not overpowering. As with most bath bombs, the smell seems to fade after the fizzing has gone, but what I did like was after the bath my skin was lovely and smooth. Normally after a bath, my fingers are all wrinkled, but they were lovely and soft and not a wrinkle in sight! Well worth the money for a treat for yourself or would make a nice gift. @alex

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

9. These scented candles will fill your home with a fantastic aroma and relaxing glow. The candle can become a nice addition to your yoga or meditation sessions, or can simply be used as a piece of functional décor.

There are several scents to choose from.

Promising review: I love everything about this candle from the box and packaging it comes in to the beautiful fragrance which is given off as the candle burns. I will definitely reorder once it has burned and would not hesitate to recommend. I would be delighted to receive this as a gift and would give 10 stars if I could. @Caroline Walsh

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

10. If a complete spa experience at your home is what you need right now, don’t miss this relaxing collection that includes a calming lavender bath bomb, a bath soak, shower gel, and a soft sleep mask.

This set can also become a nice gift for someone who adores taking baths.

Promising review: This is the perfect set for the most relaxing spa-at-home evening. I love the fragrance and how big all of the products are. Highly recommend. @LianaReads

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

What is your favorite way to relax? Which products do you use to feel refreshed and revived?

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