10 Amazon Finds That Can Help You Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Spending a Fortune

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Dive into Amazon and enjoy the quick and stylish solutions it offers if you are dreaming of a bathroom renovation, but drilling into the walls and creating a mess is not part of your plan. To make the choice a bit easier for you, we created this list of 10 brilliant items that will help you make your bathroom more functional and elegant without breaking the bank.

1. This toilet paper holder with a storage box can easily serve you as a wet wipes dispenser. Thanks to its stylish design and a variety of colors offered, it can fit any bathroom. The items you put in the box stay out of sight, but within easy reach, so that you have them close whenever you need them.

Promising review: The sturdiness depends on how well you install it, but it works perfectly! I purchased the large, it has plenty of space and is super convenient! Also love the toilet paper holder itself.
No more playing with a spring-loaded piece of plastic! 100% worth the price and I’ll probably get a few more in the future because I appreciate the product that much. @Happy Bum!


2. You can also try this freestanding toilet paper roll holder with a shelf on top and a hidden storage container located under the shelf. Made of stainless steel, this item is stable and looks elegant and discreet in any interior. The friction-grip roll holder prevents the toilet paper from unraveling.

Promising review: This was so easy to assemble and quite sturdy too. There’s a hidden storage compartment underneath the little tray on top. Looks great and does the job. Love it! @Gaynor Dee


3. If you need bathroom shelves, but don’t want to drill into the walls, there is a neat and stress-free solution. This set of 3 bathroom shelves doesn’t require drilling thanks to the adhesives included in the package. You will receive 2 shower shelves for shampoo and shower gel, one soap holder for soap and sponges, and 15 hooks to hang your loofahs on.

Promising review: Super impressed with this set. The matte black finish doesn’t look cheap at all, and I really like the design. Lots of integrated hooks for washcloths, etc. The sticky pads have not moved in 4 weeks of use. I would highly recommend these. @Amanda


4. With this memory foam bathmat, your feet will be enveloped in comfort and softness as soon as you get out of your bath or shower cabin. The microfiber layer of the mat can absorb as much water as possible from your wet feet. There are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, and the color doesn’t fade over time.

Promising review: This bathmat is soft, well-made, super absorbent, and stays in place on the floor. It’s easy to clean and dries quickly after use. All in all, a real bargain at a very good price. Very satisfied customer. @Amazon Customer


5. This set of 2 non-slip bathroom mats will add a touch of coziness to your bathroom. The toilet mat has a U-shaped cutout, and both mats stay in place for your ultimate safety and convenience. The mats can be machine washed and the seller offers several colors so that you can choose the one you like the most.

Promising review: Very happy with this purchase. Lovely and soft to tread on, and a great bonus in that the mats are non-slip. Washes easily, dries quickly, and, unlike my cotton mat sets, it does not need to be tumble dried to retain its softness. @Amanda


6. These self-adhesive hooks will enlarge the storage space in your bathroom, and no drilling is required. Just peel off the film from the adhesive pads, stick them onto a smooth wall surface, and then press for several seconds. Apart from using the hooks in the bathroom, you can use them anywhere in the house as they are pretty sturdy. The set includes 4 hooks.

Promising review: Ordered these hooks to use in my hallway for coats, etc. I wasn’t disappointed. They are a good size, and if you follow instructions and leave them for 24 hours before using them, they stick solidly. Really impressed. @Mrs. S. Hayman


7. If you need more light in your bathroom, this waterproof ceiling light may come in handy. The milky white lampshade provides a clear, bright, even light without flickering, keeping your eyes free from harsh light. The package includes expansion wall nails and screws for quick and easy installation.

Promising review: This is a very nice, slick looking light! My electrician did the fitting, but he did not mention any issues. My only issue is this light is super bright!
I prefer a duller warmer light for a bathroom, but that is just my preference, and there’s nothing wrong with the light. Still working fine after about 3 months, and I’ve been told I can change the light to a warmer one. Definitely a great purchase. @Maria


8. No more noisy slams that bother the whole family at night with this soft-close toilet seat. Thanks to its adjustable hinges, the seat will suit the majority of toilets, while the one-button quick-release mechanism makes it easy to remove the seat for a thorough clean. The 4 non-slip buffers keep the seat from moving once it’s installed.

Promising review: A good, comfortable seat. Comes with 2 sizes of fixing plugs to cater to different pan holes. Easy installation. The adjustment was a little tricky due to my toilet shape, but it fits well, which is a testament to the claim that it fits many different toilet types.
The seat feels better quality than my old regular seat, which lasted 8 years, so I feel confident that this seat will last a long time. @Sheppy


9. This washable waterproof shower curtain with a marble pattern will add a chic vibe to your bathroom. The fabric of the curtain is specially designed to allow the water to stay on the fabric without absorbing it. Stylish stainless-steel rings make installation quick and easy.

Promising review: Decent shower curtain, very easy to keep it clean. Looks good in a white bathroom, very easy to hang up. @Airisa


10. You can use this universal plug with a hair catcher in your bathroom sink to prevent the hair from clogging the drain. Just press it to seal the plug and keep the water in the sink, or to release the plug and drain the water.

Promising review: So easy to install. Saved money by not having to get a plumber in to do the job. Came with a spare washer, and I tested it by filling the sink up and leaving it for 6 hours. Excellent with no water escaping. Great product. @Marilyn


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