10 Celebrities Open Up About Their Insecurities and Prove That Even Stars Can Be Afraid to Shine

7 months ago

Lots of people admire celebrities, and some even want to behave and look like them. It seems like stars have no faults, and they have lives that anyone would wish for. Yet, even the most attractive celebrities sometimes feel like curling up in a ball and hiding under a blanket from everyone.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor’s biggest insecurity is her eyes. She says they go away when she doesn’t wear make-up, since she has blond lashes and brows. Swift also recollects the middle school times when mean girls would tell her her eyes were “little.”

Another insecurity of hers is not being the popular kid at school. Sitting alone at lunch tables still gives her an uneasy feeling.

2. Kristen Stewart

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Kristen is self-conscious about the size of her ears. She straight up says, “I’m uncomfortable about the size of my ears, and I’m sort of lanky.” As a kid, she was also extremely shy. Now, however, she can talk to absolutely anyone.

3. Chrissy Teigen

The biggest insecurity for Chrissy is her body image. She revealed, “Sometimes I’ve cried to John, I felt like I’d never had ’that’ body. Everyone has a butt, curves, a little waist, and not me. I’m jealous of those bodies.”

The good news is that she’s trying to accept herself. She once posted a photo of her post-pregnancy body with stretch marks to show that all bodies are beautiful.

4. Jessica Alba

Her lack of a college education was one of her insecurities. She admits, “I was always also insecure about not going to college. I always felt I wasn’t smart enough.” Alba also refused to wear shorts and mini-skirts in real life because she was too stressed about her body.

Everything changed when she became a mom, “I came into my own physically in my 30s, even when I’d had kids.”

5. Rihanna

agefotostock/East News

Rihanna has lots of skin struggles. Pigmentation, a messed up mustache from the sun, not to mention blotchiness and dry patches, have been giving her a headache for quite a long time. It was also a challenge for her to accept her body. She admits that sometimes she feels “fat” and wants what “other people have.”

6. Katy Perry

The singer has struggled with adult cystic acne. Katy recollects her 20s when she had really bad skin and had to undergo multiple treatments to get rid of the condition. She was also struggling from emotional eating, which inevitably took a toll on her skin.

7. Beyoncé

This gorgeous star would love to change 2 body parts of hers. As she says, her feet are “a little beat up” because of dancing. She also doesn’t like her ears, that’s why she goes for big earrings.

Besides, she’s also concerned about her body shape. She says, “I’m not naturally the thinnest woman. I have curves. I’ve struggled with diets and finding something that works for me.”

8. Kate Moss


The supermodel confessed that she doesn’t like her bowed legs. She avoids wearing mid-calf when it comes to clothing or shoes to divert attention from her legs. That’s why she can often be seen wearing very short skirts and dresses and, most of the time, she even cuts her clothes on purpose.

9. Robert Pattinson

Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News

After Twilight was released, instead of feeling proud, Robert actually became even more insecure. He started struggling with self-doubt. He also admitted that he has body dysmorphia, which basically means he’s overly anxious about his body image. Now imagine how embarrassing it was for Robert to take his shirt off for a Twilight sequel.

10. Kim Kardashian

Kim openly states that she has serious body image issues. “I freak out about everything. Why do I subject myself to being seen? Why don’t I just stay at home?”

Kim also didn’t feel good about her body during her pregnancy, “I felt the lowest I’ve ever felt in my life.” She also revealed she has psoriasis that she’s trying to deal with.

What did you use to be self-conscious about? How did you overcome the struggle?

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