10 Celebrities Who Seem to Have No Age Because They Still Look Like Teens

year ago

Sometimes guessing someone’s age can be a real challenge. One minute they look 13, and the next, they appear to be 30. These celebrities can make anyone’s jaw drop because they don’t seem to age. Time has stopped for them in the teenage phase, or maybe it’s simpler — they were just blessed with good genetics.

1. Milly Alcock — 22 years old

2. Thomas Brodie-Sangster — 32 years old

3. Freddie Highmore — 30 years old

4. Barbara Palvin — 29 years old

5. Alex Lawther — 27 years old

6. Maisie Williams — 23 years old at the time of the release

7. Ariana Grande — 29 years old

8. Jamie Chung — 39 years old

9. Jesse Eisenberg — 39 years old

10. Anya Taylor-Joy — 24 years old at the time of the release

Do you look younger than you actually are? Is it better to look older or younger?


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