What Disney Princesses Would Look Like as Teenagers

5 years ago

It’s true, some princesses were teenagers when their movies came out, but we’ve been wondering how these girls would look today at the same young age. Aurora would’ve traded in her color-changing ball gown for a miniskirt, Snow White would’ve ditched the apple for a smartphone, and Jasmine would’ve been seen rolling in on a skateboard instead of a magic carpet. Want to see what we’re talking about?

Bright Side has illustrated some of the most beloved Disney royals to make them look like modern teens.

1. Jasmine changed out the tiger Rajah for a mini-cat Rajah.

2. Belle would take the magic rose to the next level.

3. Ariel would become the perfect sailor with marine tattoos.

4. Merida would beat you in any video game, especially those that involve arches and arrows.

5. Snow White would already know who the fairest of all was...

6. Meet Mulan, your school’s hipster!

7. Tiana would still dream of owning her own business, a vegetarian coffee shop.

8. Cinderella would become an Instagram fashion influencer.

9. Aurora has no time to sleep, being the leader of the cheerleaders and all.

10. Elsa is too cool for school...get it?

11. Rapunzel would totally be a rebellious teen rocking that hair color!

It would be so cool to hang out with Elsa! What do you think best describes the teenagers of today? In what ways do they differ from your generation? Start a discussion in the comments!

Preview photo credit Tangled / Disney
Illustrated by Anastasiya Pavlova for Bright Side


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Snow White looks like 80% if the teenage girls in my country ?

5 years ago
The comment has been disarmed.

Ariel looks even better with this style. Totally love her ?

5 years ago
OMG Karen, why have you deleted this comment?
2 years ago
Big Brother is watching you.

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