What Happens When Professional Artists Recreate Kids’ Original Drawings in Their Own Style

2 years ago

Children are natural-born artists, they are just not aware of it. Their imagination seems limitless, and their understanding of the world around us is unique and oftentimes funny. The way they see reality can inspire us to change and expand our perspectives too.

Bright Side gathered some fabulous kids’ drawings and joined forces with our illustrators who recreated the works of these little creative minds. Hope you’ll enjoy the end results and have as much fun as we did while creating these quirky works of art.

1. Dinosaur

2. My teacher

3. A peach

4. Special ice cream

5. The Frida Kahlo cat

6. My mom all dressed up

7. A rooster

8. Elephant

9. On the way home

10. A fish in the sea

11. My school

12. Me, listening to music

13. A Roblox character

Did you enjoy drawing when you were a kid? If you or your kid have some cool works of art, don’t be shy about sharing them with us in the comments.


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