What Neckline to Choose According to Your Body Type

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3 years ago

Sometimes a small change can be like night and day, and this is especially true when it comes to fashion. Today, we’re focusing on necklines, and more specifically, how we can choose the right kind of neckline and cleavage according to our body type. It’s not about creating rules that have to be followed — it’s more about exposing a few tricks that you can use to your advantage to convey the image you want. At least that’s what experts are saying out there.

So without further ado, here’s Bright Side’s latest compilation of necklines along with the effects each one has on how your body looks.

1. A round neckline

This is a classic design in a round shape. It’s close to the neck and mainly draws people’s attention to your face and shoulders. Its proximity to the chin creates the illusion of larger breasts and a shorter neck.

Who it’s recommended for:

Women with long necks and thin faces, as well as those with wide shoulders or medium or small breasts, can benefit from this neckline because it helps bring out their natural beauty.

2. A square neckline

This vintage style neckline is always a good option to add a fun, special touch to your outfit. In addition, its square shape can help create a bit of contrast, which can be used to bring out your curves.

Who it’s recommended for:

This design is perfect for girls with larger breasts because it reveals enough skin without showing too much. It can also be used to give the impression that you have a larger neck or wider shoulders since the whole idea behind it is precisely to create this type of contrast between the breasts and neck.

3. The V-neck

This is a traditional design that favors all body types, but you should always take the depth of the neckline into account.

Who it’s recommended for:

The V-neck is very versatile. A shorter V-neck is ideal for women with small breasts who want to draw more attention to their faces, while a deeper V-neck will lengthen the torso of women with larger breasts. It’s also a great ally to girls with broad shoulders and torsos as it creates a more upright appearance. Finally, women with smaller necks will notice that V-necks will make them feel more elongated.

4. A neckline with a collar

This is perhaps the most traditional style on the list and one that fits all body types as well. If you want to achieve a classic, feminine look that also has a touch of elegance, this is the right option.

Who it’s recommended for:

This loose-fitting neckline favors large-breasted women, leaving room for the breasts to settle in, creating a smooth look. Girls with medium or small breasts can easily opt for a tighter garment and can still pull off the look. Those with very thin necks can use the collar to give the impression of having a longer neck.

5. An off-shoulder neckline

Also known as a “Bardot” neck, it’s a feminine and flirty style that brings out your collarbone and face.

Who it’s recommended for:

The “Bardot” is ideal for girls with narrow shoulders as it lengthens them horizontally. It’s also a good choice for medium or small-breasted women.

6. An asymmetrical neckline

This avant-garde neckline is the perfect choice to brighten up an outfit without really losing its seriousness or sacrificing on drama. That unexpected twist can make an outfit unforgettable.

Who it’s recommended for:

Women with narrow shoulders and thin arms who want to widen these parts of their body for a special occasion should opt for this neckline. Plus, it puts an original twist on things.

7. A turtle neck

A neckline that extends a few inches up, almost touching your chin, is referred to as a turtle neck. It’s an elegant way to take any outfit to the next level while still being casual. It can even be worn with jeans or a miniskirt.

Who it’s recommended for:

The turtleneck is one of the best-kept secrets for girls that feel they have longer faces or necks. If you’re worried about the length of your neck, here’s a trick you can always use. Choose a top or dress with a turtle neck that’s not too high. There should be a few inches of uncovered skin between your chin and the garment.

8. A sweetheart neckline

Romantic and seductive, this style of heart-shaped cleavage suits many different body types.

Who it’s recommended for:

Its openness draws attention to the curves of large-breasted women’s chests but it also helps create more volume for women with smaller breasts. In addition, this wavy neckline can be used to elongate your silhouette. That, in turn, can make you look thinner, so it’s perfect for people who want to have a more slender posture.

9. The boat neck

The boat neck is another sophisticated, classic option for girls who want to add a touch of spice and originality to their outfit. It’s a wider neckline that goes from shoulder to shoulder, all the way down to the collarbone.

Who it’s recommended for:

Since it shows the skin on the upper chest, it draws attention to the shoulders. Girls with narrow shoulders and thin arms will glow with this look, as well as those with wider hips because it brings more balance to their figure.

10. The halter

This is a fresh and not-so-common design that adds a bit of surprise to an outfit. It’s the best way to look modern and classy at the same time.

Who it’s recommended for:

This style is ideal for women with broad shoulders because it directs people’s attention up to the center of the neck. This gives the impression that the shoulders are perfectly in balance. It also enhances curves, so it’s recommended for women with very thin waists.

11. Strapless

A strapless shirt or dress leaves a great deal of the upper body uncovered, drawing people’s attention directly to that area. It’s a bit more casual and daring.

Who it’s recommended for:

Women with long necks and pronounced collarbones can really show this look off. Women with thin arms will stand out because of their toned muscles, and those with narrow shoulders will be able to make their arms look longer and achieve a very balanced image. It’s usually more suitable for girls with medium or small breasts since you don’t need as supportive of a bra that typically requires straps.

What’s your favorite neckline? Can you share a picture of yourself in your favorite outfit? Do you have any other tips for choosing the perfect neckline?


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First of all I didn't know there were so many neckline types :p And second, I have small breasts and I must say it's really convenient when it comes to outfits (not same when It comes to men hahah)


I love V necks, but with my large.. front... it's really not that comfy. Plus my husband is not pleased with me revealing it in public lol


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