10 Everyday Secrets That Can Save Your Clothes

year ago

The Internet is full of life hacks for any situation. But do they all really work? We found 10 of the most interesting everyday tricks and tried them ourselves.

№ 1: A cotton pad and vinegar remove ink from your bag.

Result: It works. In addition, you can check the quality of the bag this way: if it’s authentic, the dye won’t stick to the pad.

№ 2: Get rid of small wrinkles with a flat iron.

Result: Wrinkles disappeared quite fast. The method only works with light clothes, though, (shirts or T-shirts). Heavier items won’t straighten.

№ 3: Sanitary pads help quickly dry shoes and get rid of odor.

Result: If you don’t have a dryer at hand, this is a great way to remove excess moisture from your footwear — it will be dry in 2 hours.

№ 4: If you apply wax to your sneakers and blow them with a hair dryer, they’ll become waterproof.

Result: 100% works. The wax coating is invisible and efficiently protects from water. The trick may be useful on a hiking trip or in rainy weather.

№ 5: You can remove scratches from your shoes with petroleum jelly.

Result: Small scratches became less visible, but the more significant ones are still quite prominent.

№ 6: Fluff on clothes is easily removed with a razor.

Result: It works, and fluff is gone. Don’t abuse this trick, though, or you’ll end up tearing your clothes.

№ 7: Toothpaste works well to get rid of sweat stains.

Result: This does work, but try the trick on light clothes. And to block armpit stains in future, you can use a thin pantyliner.

№ 8: Put a rolled-up magazine into your high boots to keep their shape.

Result: All good. A fitness mat instead of a magazine will also do to keep the boots’ shape until next season.

№ 9: Hand antiseptic helps remove ink blots on your clothes.

Result: Works great! It can remove not only pen ink but even permanent marker stains.

№ 10: If a button has become loose, apply some nail polish to it.

Result: Worked fine both for small buttons on shirts and for bigger ones on a coat and a winter jacket.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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