10 Famous Women Who Came Up With Creative Beauty Tricks

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3 years ago

Well-known celebrities are idols for many. But oftentimes we don’t even think about what they are ready to do and what they actually do to look stunning. Using creams, getting beauty injections, or applying dashing makeup are not the only things in their arsenal.

We at Bright Side found the most unorthodox tricks that were used by famous beauties of the past. We also found some that modern celebs have come up with.

Elizabeth Taylor

When Elizabeth Taylor was going to attend important events, she would spend 2 hours dolling herself up. After applying her makeup and putting curlers in her hair, the actress would lie in the bath for a while in order to set her makeup. The thing is, Taylor never liked matte skin, while the water steam would give that tender gloss to her face. Only after having completed this procedure, would Elizabeth dress up and finish her hairstyling.

Jean Harlow

It’s well known that the special features of Jean Harlow’s image were her high arches and drawn-on thin brows. Sometimes she would even shave them off to later draw that thin curvy line with a brow pencil.

Ingrid Bergman

Being a fan of natural beauty, Ingrid Bergman didn’t like to apply makeup in her everyday life. She would make exceptions only when her roles required it. In order to make her forehead look higher, the actress would shave her hairline up to 0.4 inches.

Greta Garbo

The American actress, Greta Garbo, is one of the greatest stars of the first half of the 20th century. She came up with her own trick to literally stun people with her eyes. She would apply a layer of Vaseline under her eyeshadows, which enhanced their shine and gave brightness to the color.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is still considered a key figure in American cinematography. Once, in order to make a dress fit her perfectly, she literally had to be “sewn” into it. It happened before John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday. Later, that outfit was sold at auction for $4.8 million.

Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth, born Margarita Carmen Cansino, was an actress and a dancer of Spanish origin. She dyed her hair red and raised her hairline with the help of electrolysis.

Audrey Hepburn

When Audrey Hepburn was being filmed in Roman Holiday, the representatives of Paramount Pictures wanted the actress’s smile to be perfect. In one of her interviews, Hepburn said that she had to wear a cap over her teeth so that one of her crooked front teeth didn’t cast a shadow on the next. The cap would always go missing and the filming process had to be stopped frequently. Eventually, Audrey visited a dentist and became the owner of an almost Hollywood smile.

Raquel Welch

Movie star Raquel Welch looks stunning even at the age of 80. The actress’s secret is quite simple: she applies udder cream to her face overnight. Yes, that’s the very cream that farmers use to ease cows’ lives during milking.


Snooki has recently shared a very unusual trick she uses. In her interview, she said that she mixes kitty litter with water and applies it to her skin as a scrub. Obviously, she uses fresh kitty litter.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley uses clay as toothpaste. In one of her interviews, the actress said that she mixes clay with coconut water and peppermint or cinnamon essential oils to clean her teeth.

Bonus: the Kardashian sisters

If you peek at the Kardashian sisters’ hair, you will unlikely notice anything unusual. But as it turns out, they make their hairstyles more precise and bold by filling in the unnecessary gaps with eyeshadow.

By the way, Kim confessed that in order to make her hair look perfect, she waxes off excess baby hair at the hairline.

Are there any beauty tricks that you use to look dashing?


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