10+ Items That Require an Ingenious Mind to Understand

2 months ago

Have you ever seen something and thought, “What in the world is that and what’s it even for?” Our planet is loaded with these wild discoveries that just leave you baffled. People were so confused by these quirky items that they couldn’t help but share pictures, sparking waves of surprise and amusement across the internet.

1. “I know what it looks like, but what is it actually?”

Answer: It’s a body massager.

2. “Literally any explanation will do.”

Answer: Looks like a giant snowblower.

3. “It has a raised bump on the end. There are also beveled edges around the piece. Made of clay or something along those lines.”

Answer: Old oil lamp

4. “What is this thing, small blue and plastic, found in the house? No clue what it could be.”

Answer: It’s the antennae from a snail thing, it completely disassembles and is so annoying we threw it away.

5. “Made out of flexible wire and plastic. About 4 feet long. Hanging from the ceiling in my bathroom between the tub and shower.”

Answer: It’s for using the shower steam to steam a suit jacket. Wrinkle removal is cheap and easy!

6. “Plastic baggie with maybe pillow batting inside it, zip-tied closed around an air hose.”

Answer: Grunty thing from inside a dog toy

7. “Rigid, translucent plastic. Flat bottom. Found it on the bottom of a drawer. What’s this?”

Answer: I think it’s a toy hamster water bottle. The current orientation is upside-down.

8. “Poured a glass of water last night from the tap and left it under the light on the nightstand. Next morning I found this floating in it...”

Answer: It could be melted plastic residue from the light above (possibly a lampshade?) that coagulated in the water.

9. “Blue glass thing found at Goodwill. About 5 inches high with a hole in top.”

Answer: That is a whale oil lamp.

10. “A friend received this as a wedding gift many years ago. The gifter wouldn’t tell him what it is for.”

Answer: It’s a cheese holder. Let’s slice cheese without handling the block.

11. “Plastic strap on cotton swabs? Unidentified object received in a recent cookie order.”

Answer: I think they are supposed to be a gag. You put the rubber part around your ear, and it looks like you have a cotton swab sticking out of your head.

12. “A housewarming gift. It’s half wood, half marble, two semi-circle dips, mini spoon.”

Answer: It’s a salt and pepper “pinch pot”.

13. “What is this wooden spoon-like thing with two compartments?”

Answer: I think it’s called an Ozhau. Tradition ladle from Kazakhstan.

14. “I bought a big pack of groceries from a local supermarket, they threw in this item as a free gift.”

Answer: It’s an orange peeler.

15. “Two red and blue ‘patches’ titled ‘came the yawn’ and ‘one eye closed here.’”

Answer: Bookmarks! Put them over the corner of the page, words facing the page you’re on, to mark your spot!

The Internet is full of mysterious objects waiting for someone to give them a solution.

Preview photo credit zombie_response / Reddit


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Number 8 is probably a flocculant added to the water as a clarifier that has coagulated overnight. A very large dose, though it does happen.


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