10+ People Who Are Unlikely to Forget Their Epic Laundry Day

2 years ago

You don’t have to do extreme sports to get your dose of adrenaline. Sometimes even ordinary house chores like laundry can become just as memorable.

In this article by Bright Side, internet users shared their most epic laundry fails.

  • My brother, when he was in his early twenties, washed a load with bleach. He thought bleach and laundry detergent were the same thing. He ruined an entire load of jeans and dark T-shirts. My mom was not happy. © N4t1_N4t1 / Reddit
  • My son is 13 months old. And his changing table is right next to the laundry basket. Sometimes I have to be really quick, so once in a while, the diaper ends up in the basket, and that was the case this week. I went to do laundry and just dumped the basket into the wash without thinking and started the wash. All was fine until I went to grab them out. The gel was everywhere in big chunks which absorbed the entire liquid. I couldn’t find the diaper for like 10 minutes while pulling every little shirt and pair of pants out. © nightowlk17 / Reddit
  • I decided to bleach my socks. So I diluted the necessary amount of bleach in a washbasin, put my wool socks into it, and left for school. That night, a full basin of wool fibers was waiting for me. My socks just dissolved into threads. But what really pissed me off was that they were not snow white. © 0gurka / Pikabu
  • I accidentally washed an entire paperback novel in the wash once. Not only was it a huge mess, but I had to buy my sister a new book. © Naltia / Reddit
  • Some “professionals” connected the washer’s power to the light switch in the bathroom. Meaning, when your washing machine starts working, and you leave the bathroom (and turn off the lights), it stops. But you can’t see it! So, you come back and turn the lights on, the washer is working and you leave again, and it turns off with the lights. The first time, my quick wash cycle lasted for 6 hours. © Abracadabra90 / Pikabu
  • A peer of mine asked me to pick up dinner for him in the cafeteria and ran to his dorm to do laundry. Because it’s almost a quest: there are only 2 washers for 60 people. When I got to the room, he was really angry. The water in our dorm is not very clean: it’s clear at first but after a while, it turns yellow. My roommate was “lucky” that day. Usually, the cleaning ladies wash towels and sheets during the daytime but that day they didn’t, so all his clothes turned bright yellow. © Kotozebr / Pikabu
  • I remember leaving surfboard wax in my pocket when I was a kid. It was bright orange, and my mom had just gotten me a new pair of swim trunks for the summer. The worst part was that she had thrown just those in with her load and I ruined all her clothes. She was not very happy. © Cat*** / Reddit
  • I’m a simple person. I can either not wash for a few days, or wash 5 times a day. So, the humidity in my apartment can reach the level of a small seaside town. © Livotovas / Twitter

“My boyfriend hid a chocolate bar from me. Nice try, Mr. Chocolate Pants.”

  • Never wash your felt soles in the washer! I decided to wash my home shoes and forgot to take the soles out. The washer almost finished its cycle but stopped 1 minute before the end launching endless rinsing. I googled the error and found that the drain wasn’t working. I opened the door of the washer and saw that my soles were smeared all over the drum. © laryk / Pikabu
  • When my son was a toddler, he hid his dirty diaper in the laundry once. I wanted to burn everything after that wash cycle. © C20H25N3O-C21H30O2 / Reddit
  • After a few years, my new washer started smelling like a swamp. I found a life hack online that you should wash something with dish soap. So I tried it out. I tossed an old T-shirt into the drum, dropped dish soap into the main wash compartment, and then added another drop into the softener compartment. Then I thought, “My drum is big,” so I poured some more. I started the washer and forgot about it for 90 minutes. When it finished the cycle, I opened the door and a wall of foam came out. My entire bathroom was covered in foam — floor to ceiling. But the swamp smell is still there. © RedFaker / Pikabu
  • I remember my sister washed our father’s white T-shirts with her red belt. Our father said he would never wear pink. But when our mother washed his T-shirts with a pair of jeans, he was happy to wear blue. © Star4ok / Pikabu
  • My boyfriend bought me some glowing body lotion. Later that night I did my boyfriend’s laundry, took a shower, lathered that lotion all over me as I got out, and went to go fold his clothes. I set about folding his work clothes under some dim lighting because it was late at night. As I went to hang his nice shirts, I turned on the closet light— that’s when I noticed. I was covered in glitter. Not just a little bit either; it looked like I had walked through an accident at the glitter factory. Here’s where the panic set in: I had just handled all of his clothes with my very glittery hands. I went to the other room and turned the lights on to full brightness. My fear came to be true: his clothes were all shimmering with glitter. There was no saving them at that point. I didn’t have time to run them through the wash again. He’s a very blue-collar tradesman, and he now had to show up to work looking like a diva leaving a rave. © Obsessed_With_Corgis / Reddit

Do you have laundry stories of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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