10 Studs Who Made Us Throw Our Standards of Beauty Out the Window

4 years ago

Beyond blue eyes, impeccable hair, or a perfect smile, authenticity is gradually becoming the only aesthetic attribute we really need, to be considered beautiful. Some famous actors whose characteristics might not have been appreciated at other times, today, make us want to look at them again and again.

Bright Side made a list of famous people with unconventional beauty who break all the established standards.

1. Adam Driver

Adam has a great nose and big ears, abundant hair, and a smile that is not often seen. However, he turns out to be quite an attractive man because of his great stature, his stern look, and his deep voice

2. Adrien Brody

The New York actor, despite being quite thin, is an elegant man with a prominent nose, whose light eyes angle down slightly, with respect to his eyebrows, creating a unique look. Let’s not even mention his peculiar smile.

3. Javier Bardem

The Spanish actor has a great presence and an incomparable talent. And although his beauty is far from the conventional gallant, since he definitely does not have the face of a good boy or a prince charming, his attitude and his smile make him part of this selection.

4. Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin has light blue eyes that are unique in their own way, followed by curly hair that only seems to get better with age. Although the Joker’s interpreter does not necessarily meet the standards of Prince Charming, he is still a Hollywood stud.

5. Eric Balfour

As an actor and singer, Eric has a rather particular physiognomy that we find very interesting. His face is elongated and his ears are somewhat pointed. However, his smile, his height, and his charisma make us want to follow every series he appears in.

6. Charlie Heaton

Best known for his role as Jonathan Buyers, the British actor has gone from being the self-absorbed weirdo to the eccentric gallant, as his choice of clothes combined with his authentic attitude have made his best features stand out.

7. Ezra Miller

Ezra’s elongated eyes and pronounced jaw make for an unparalleled harmony, that makes us reconsider whether there is anything else besides what we usually consider a pleasing aesthetic. The Flash performer has built his image over time, placing himself among the most gallant in the cinema world.

8. Vincent Cassel

The 53-year-old French actor, director, and producer shows us that there is no age that stands between a man and his beauty when there is an attitude to define an authentic style. His bright blue eyes and angular face make him an interesting looking man.

9. Rami Malek

Rami Malek’s Egyptian ancestry, coupled with his short stature, make this American actor a very unique performer. His eyes are large and gray, while his sharp, almost square face makes it difficult for us to ignore his exotic beauty.

10. Paul Dano

Paul Dano has a particularly round face and reddish hair. He began his acting career in 2000, but over the years, this peculiar guy has become a very different man from his shy teenage roles, giving rise to an interesting and stylish man.

Which one of these exotic beauties do you find the most attractive? What characteristic makes him so interesting? Do you have other people in mind who could complete this list?


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I thought Joaquin Phoenix was liked by a lot of females.. no?


Having no standard is the new standard! I think the weird guys are so handsome! The list lacked some rockstars and chubby guys. Jack Black, Steven Tyler, Jeffrey Dean Morgan...

We have to look at people, men or women, with more love, seeing the beauty and qualities that we all have.


Actually I don't always get how can you apply standatrs to things we rate emotionally. it's not maths where you get the same result each time. i can find attractive what others may think is totally unattractive.


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