10+ Super Trendy Haircuts We Thought Were Tasteless for Years

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3 years ago

Fashion is a moody thing which is why sometimes, trends change quite often. And people in the beauty industry try to come up with new things all the time. But in our world, everything returns, and many trends and styles often come back a second or third time around.

We at Bright Side have done some research and found hairstyles that were typically considered bad in the past but are really popular and trendy today.

1. Mullet

This hairstyle was really popular among people in the punk scene. It is also referred to as “business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back.” For a while though, the people who actually donned this hairstyle were believed to be behind the times. But today, this original cut is back because there’s a lot of interest in the culture of the ’80s.

2. Barbie ponytail

A lot of women in the ’90s used to wear the Barbie ponytail. Obviously, this style was popular because of Barbie dolls and it was considered very childish. But today, many celebrities have this hairstyle, including models on runways.

3. Waffle hair

Waffle hair was very popular among celebrities at the beginning of the 2000s. But many people were quite critical of this style. However, today, people are not as skeptical and many trendsetters love this look.

4. Hairstyles with big scrunchies

As Carrie Bradshaw (the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City) once said: “No stylish woman would wear a scrunchie.” But the trends of today show that this is a debatable point. This useful accessory is often used by Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, and many other style icons.

5. Mohawk

This bold haircut that came from the Indian culture was popular in the punk and goth subculture for a long time. But today, with the lines between styles being blurred, mohawks are worn by many girls that are staying on top of trends.

6. Ombré

The dying technique where 2 colors are mixed was criticized in the past. People thought that the ombré look created the illusion of grown-out hair roots. But with today’s fashion leaning toward more natural appearances, this beauty trick has a lot of followers.

7. Pixie cut

The first famous woman that tried this haircut was Audrey Hepburn. In Roman Holiday, the actress was bold enough to get rid of her beautiful locks of hair. This made a splash as famous women, including the supermodel Twiggy and actress Mia Farrow, cut off their long hair proclaiming “freedom from the shackles.” At the time, not everyone liked this idea but today the girls that love self-expression and miss the fashion of the past are making pixie cuts popular again.

8. Short bangs

In the past, short bangs were only associated with the character Jim Carrey played in the famous ’90s film, Dumb and Dumber. But the trends are changing and this old-school cut is often chosen by many celebrities. And we must admit — they look great.

9. Bob

This short haircut where the ends of the hair are directed inward was considered overrated for a long time. But today, many trendy women just love this style, and there are many variations of the classic bob that are also becoming quite popular.

10. Heart bun

This hairstyle was very popular among little girls for a long time. But the simplicity and a wide range of possibilities to experiment made this hairstyle very popular among beauty bloggers.

11. Hairstyles with headbands

In the past, people thought that headbands made one’s look appear cheap. But today, simpler and more elegant models are becoming trendy and they make the hair look unusual and interesting.

12. African braids

In the ’90s and ’00s, celebrities and other people started trying this style inspired by African culture. Many people had doubts about this style. In the beginning, it looked weird and inappropriate and was even insulting for some people. But today, nobody has any qualms when it comes to experimenting with different styles and different cultures.

13. “The Rachel”

This hairstyle was named after the character that Jennifer Aniston played on Friends. Even though hundreds of women wanted to have this hairstyle, the actress herself thought it was really tasteless. But today, people missing the ’90s made the trend popular again. In fact, Hailey Baldwin has this hairstyle and it looks great on her.

What other hairstyles would you include in this list?


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I always liked a nice ponytail, especially on Grande, she made it iconic


Hate the mullet never liked it. It was just plain ugly and this new version is just as ugly nope nope nope


The modern mullet looks a lot different to the 80s one and the so called mowhawk in the second picture definitely isn't!


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