10 Ways Kylie’s Parenting Style Is Different Than Her Sisters

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2 years ago

Each of us, as parents, has a different parenting style. Even when they are from the same family, each sister of the Kardashian clan maintains her own personality when it comes to raising her children. The youngest of the family, Kylie Jenner, has had the opportunity to learn from the past experiences of her sisters and has shown us that she has an advantage when it comes to raising Stormi.

We at Bright Side wanted to know more about Kylie’s parenting style and how it differs from her sisters’. So keep up with us and let’s find out.

1. Kylie allows sweets and a balanced diet

Kylie has no problem letting her daughter Stormi eat candy from time to time. This doesn’t mean that she lets Stormi eat all the sweets whenever she wants, but rather that she opts for a more balanced diet. Away from the restrictions, she lets her daughter eat all kinds of food, encouraging her to make better decisions about what is good to eat.

In contrast to Kylie’s style, her older sister Kourtney opts for an organic diet, free of dairy products and sugar.

2. Germ-free policy

Whenever possible, Kylie prefers to keep all parties and gatherings with Stormi’s friends at her house, making an exception for her sisters. This is to maintain a germ-free environment. Hygiene is important to Kylie, and she even has masks in the house in case someone needs to wear one.

If Kylie has a germ-free policy, Kim has a makeup-free policy for her daughter, North. Kim got rid of all of the makeup in her daughter’s room. North isn’t allowed to wear makeup until she’s in her teens. Meanwhile, she is allowed to experiment with her hair and let her creativity flow with different hairstyles.

3. Practices self-discipline on Stormi

Travis Scott defines Kylie’s parenting as a more “natural” style in which they encourage their daughter to practice self-discipline. Stormi is allowed to make decisions, thinking about what is right and best for her. In situations like choosing a time to go to bed, Stormi already knows that it’s best to go to bed early, and she does it on her own.

While Kylie practices a self-disciplined parenting style, her older sister Khloé defines her parenting as more strict. Khloé is very organized, so she likes to keep a schedule and, as a result of her impeccable organizational skills, she teaches her daughter True to have a tidy and structured day.

4. She does not allow her daughter to watch television

Kyle and Travis know that spending too much time in front of a screen can be detrimental in the long run. That’s why they don’t allow Stormi to sit around and watch TV all day. Instead, they want their daughter to enjoy life to the fullest by exploring different activities and interacting with others.

5. Respects her privacy

Especially in her first few months as a newborn, Kylie was very cautious of Stormi’s privacy. She would not let anyone take pictures of her. Every time there was a visit to her house, she used to ask visitors to leave their phones at the doorway, so they couldn’t take a picture of her daughter.

Khloé and Kim are keen to take as many photos as possible with their children. As Kim has said, kids grow up so fast and photos are a way to keep track of how far they’ve come. Khloé likes to take a lot of photos of True, she posts some on her social media, and she keeps some for her personal use.

6. She takes her time doing Stormi’s hair

Even with a busy schedule, Kylie takes the time to do Stormi’s hair, unlike her sister Kim. Kim has had some tough times trying to style North’s hair, and has repeatedly decided to let a celebrity hairstylist help her work on her daughter’s hair.

7. Kylie’s humble reminders

Even when Stormi travels on private jets and wears designers clothes, her mother constantly reminds her to stay grounded. Kylie constantly gives her daughter reminders to stay humble and grateful for everything she has.

8. She manages to spend time with Stormi and run her business

Kylie never leaves Stormi for more than 24 hours. She knows how valuable it is to spend time with her kid, so even when she’s on the red carpet or running her business, she takes Stormi with her. There’s even a play room for Stormi in Kylie’s office!

For Kim, who is also heavily involved in her businesses and law studies, raising 4 children is no easy task. She doesn’t hesitate to ask for extra help from time to time, but she also tries to spend as much time as possible with her children. To balance work and family, Kim sets a very specific schedule and micromanages her tasks throughout the day.

9. Co-parenting

The status of the relationship between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is a mystery, but something we can surely infer is that they have handled co-parenting very well. They both take care of Stormi and allow her to experience having both of them as she grows up.

10. She teaches Stormi about body acceptance

Being constantly in the Hollywood spotlight may not be easy, and from a very young age, Kylie teaches her daughter about body acceptance and self-love. Coming from a family where they are mainly known for their beauty and fashion businesses, Kylie seeks to become her daughter’s role model by encouraging her to love herself as she is.

What would be a parenting tip that you would love to share with Kylie Jenner or any others from the Kardashian clan? Share it with us in the comments!


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