100 Photos That Don’t Need Photoshop to Leave Anyone Speechless

3 years ago

How often do you look at a picture and think that it's Photoshop? There are so many incredible and unusual things in our world that some photos really fascinate us and cause a lot of controversy about their authenticity.

Photographers hunt for unique and colorful photos. Many of them wait for hours for the right moment. And sometimes it's hard to believe that these are the vivid, original photographs without special processing.

Bright Side prepared a selection of 100 fascinating photos created without using Photoshop.

1. Stockholm metro station

2. A flower car

3. "Skittles"

4. Guitar player

5. A holder for a cloud

6. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

7. Flowers in water drops

8. Yunnan, China

9. Water has a question for you!

10. "The path of the monk"

11. Shadow of an airplane

12. Forests meet a mountain

13. Volcanic eruption

14. “Wood dust makes this arm look like dry, cracked dirt.”

15. No Photoshop at all — only makeup.

16. Quarters of Hong Kong

17. A mirror surface

18. You never know what’s hiding in the depths.

19. "Bubble burst"

20. A happy dog

21. Feather of a river

22. A sunflower with red petals

23. "Feathery flirt"

24. The floating girl

25. Hundreds of windows

26. A snowy road

27. "A labyrinth of fallen leaves"

28. "Red algae bloom in the salt works of South San Francisco Bay"

29. Viaduct

30. Optical illusion

31. Bird’s eye view of trains

32. Flash in the woods

33. 2 parts of a statue

34. Excuse me, but where is the horizon?

35. Richmond, London

36. Ice blocks

37. Thunderstorm

38. Strict geometry

39. It’s all about the ideal angle.

40. Fireworks

41. Parrot's feathers

42. The ice caves in Iceland

43. A snail that acts like a puppy

44. This is a single photo.

45. This skyscraper in New York is 2-dimensional.

46. Got caught!

47. Fog is everywhere.

48. This is the best forest for filming fantasy movies.

49. Salmon farm

50. Tomato in mineral water

51. The floating boat

52. Fins look like sails

53. Colorful walls

54. "Caught in a web"

55. Stones that look like dragon skin

56. Highways surrounded by forests

57. Crystal clear ice in Alaska

58. Mobulas

59. A brick wall polished by the ocean

60. Shadow courtesy of small wooden parts

61. Fly Geyser, USA

62. It's so clear you can see every stone.

63. Garden pianist

64. Jellyfish

65. Skydiving

66. A frozen army of cabbage

67. Fog swallowing the city

68. Flower arches

69. This is what a theater from behind the stage looks like.

70. Rows of boats

71. Vertical forest

72. Red forest

73. "Morning inversion on Railroad Ridge, Idaho"

74. Fishing

75. Long exposure can turn ordinary fireworks into a rocket.

76. Explosion illusion

77. A parachute above the clouds

78. A ray of light

79. The art of makeup

80. The sun in the trees

81. Cloud ice cream

82. Snow is the best painter.

83. "Start of the rainbow"

84. Bright houses

85. A deep hole with a lake at the bottom, Italy

86. Coconut beach

87. Freezing

88. A huge cloud

89. An unusual view from the window

90. Monarch butterflies

91. White rivers on volcanic ground

92. Sutro Tower in San Francisco looking like a floating ship passing by

93. Descended from a sign

94. As high as the birds

95. The natural arch

96. Apples and berries

97. Sea of clouds

98. A brick road

99. A bird tornado

100. A cloudy heart

Which of these photographs do you like most of all? Share your opinion in the comments.


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