5 Reasons Not to Trust Photos You See on Social Media

10 months ago

There are many perfect shots popping up daily on social media that make us feel like everyone else is living a fairy tale. But, as in any other sphere, there is hard work behind every thing of beauty. Sometimes the other side of that beauty is surprisingly not beautiful.

Bright Side decided to show you the reasons why we shouldn’t be so quick to believe every photo we see on social media. Let’s see which one of these comes as the biggest surprise!

5. 2 ottomans and a coffee table — your invisible magic carpet

What we see:

Behind the scenes:

4. No rain? Make it yourself!

3. Good old country livin’

What we see:

Behind the scenes:

2. Danger is only a matter of angles.

What we see:

Behind the scenes:

1. The power of time

Which one did you like the most? Have you ever posted a photo that wasn’t entirely true? Share in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Moghrion/Imgur


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