11 Tasteless Clothes We’d Better Get Rid Of (Even If They’re Trendy)

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3 years ago

Fashion is really diverse and some clothes that were considered to be awful a few years ago can conquer the world in the upcoming season. Nevertheless, there are some trends that we’d like to forget about as they are neither beautiful nor useful.

Bright Side has collected the most tasteless things that we should throw away.

11. “Jewelry” claw clips

Though various comb headbands from the ’90s are becoming popular again, we’re recommended to forget about some of the accessories of that time. Claw clips decorated with rhinestones and painted in gold and silver colors can destroy your style and make it tasteless and awkward.

What can you wear instead? Wear a loose ponytail, a bun, or pigtails, or just leave your hair down. As for accessories, you can use a circle pin or any other geometric shape pin. You can also use bobby pins or a simple hair tie.

10. Synthetic lace

Lace is considered to be very feminine. In 2018, it has taken first place in the world of fashion again. But the quality of famous designers’ items drastically differs from the quality of clothes in ordinary stores. Cheap lace made of synthetic fabrics looks tasteless instead of romantic.

What can you wear instead? You can buy high-quality fabric and ask a tailor to create whatever it is you need. If you aren’t ready to spend money and time on this, choose clothes made of simple soft materials.

9. Hidden platform sneakers

Isabel Marant’s creation isn’t suitable for running or exercise and its beauty is quite doubtful. The only one advantage these shoes have is that they make you a few inches taller.

What can you wear instead? Try bulky models with thick soles. Such shoes look stylish enough to wear them with almost any outfit: whether these are jeans or a beautiful dress. And these shoes will also add some inches to your height!

8. Acrylic sweaters

One huge drawback of acrylic sweaters is that they contain chemical additives that won’t keep you warm, so there’s almost no point in wearing such a sweater.

What can you wear instead? Cashmere sweaters are really warm and durable. You can also buy wool sweaters containing a small percentage of synthetic fabric.

7. Polyester maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are always trendy and popular, just as long as you choose the right fabrics. Polyester looks tasteless and cheap. Even if you wear such a skirt with a T-shirt or a blouse, your image will be too mediocre.

What can you wear instead? Pick a long skirt made of linen, denim, or natural silk.

6. Summer boots

Though such boots are on the list of anti-trends, many people still buy them and still wear them. Summer boots look good with neither shorts nor skirts. You can just keep them in your memory and that’s it.

What can you wear instead? Choose slip-on shoes as they’ll look great with denim or linen clothes and maxi skirts.

5. Jeggings

The mix of jeans and leggings is no longer trendy, so we can breathe out a sigh of relief. Jeggings are too awkward for the gym and too tight to wear every day.

What can you wear instead? Just wear comfortable jeans when you go out and if you go to the gym, you may put your leggings on.

4. Afghani pants

Despite afghani pants’ history, men don’t like this style. The main reason is that the pants distort a woman’s figure visually. Afghani pants are suitable and comfortable for those who do yoga or dance.

What can you wear instead? Summer culottes will help you create an image that’s laid-back, yet stylish at the same time. But if girls want to look a bit taller, they’re recommended to pick tailored ankle-length pants.

3. Back zipper jeans

At first, back zipper jeans seemed to be an amazing invention in the denim world. Unfortunately, they just ended up looking vulgar.

What can you wear instead? Choose ordinary jeans with a usual zipper. Let’s admit that some classic things don’t need an upgrade.

2. Bike shorts

Tight bike shorts became popular thanks to Kim Kardashian. Right, you may wear them with a long trench coat or a jacket — many celebs actually do that. But we hope that common sense will prevail and people will only put on bike shorts before mounting a bike.

What can you wear instead? Vogue stylists recommend remembering about skorts and paying attention to safari style models with big pockets.

1. Bolero jacket

Bolero jackets that people used to wear with bandage dresses are now in the past along with other strange trends. According to Vogue, classic bolero jackets should be worn with ’20s-style dresses.

What can you wear instead? Choose a longer jacket that doesn’t affect your body shape. It’ll look great with jeans, skirts, and normal or high waist dresses.

Do you agree that these items are out of fashion or should we give them a chance? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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