12 Adorable Amazon Items for Avocado Fans

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Avocados are not only a fruit for a healthy diet. They also became the inspiration for various cute gizmos and characters. We even have fun stories about avocado halves on the Avocado Couple channel on our YouTube!

We at Bright Side have been revisiting a couple of new episodes on the channel and have collected some fun stuff for you on Amazon. If you love avocados as much as we do, add this to your shopping cart and give it to your friends!

1. Plush pillow toy in the shape of an avocado with an adorable face.

Buy this plush pillow on Amazon.

Profitable purchase!

A high-quality soft toy will be a great gift, decorate the interior, and cheer you up!

2. A reversible bucket hat with cute avocado halves for stylish sun protection.

Buy this bucket hat on Amazon.

Versatile design!

Change the design from simple black to fun avocado print at any time! This sun protection accessory fits comfortably in your bag.

3. Unisex socks with a droll avocado print.

Buy these socks on Amazon.

Amazon’s choice

Durable socks made of high quality cotton will add zest to anyone’s image. And it will definitely make the person you give it to smile!

4. A set for salt and pepper shakers in the form of a happy couple of two halves.

Buy this salt and pepper set on Amazon.


This cute couple will definitely inspire you for a healthy breakfast! By ordering this kit, you will support small businesses.

5. Silicone poppet fidget toy for stress relief and fine motor skills.

Buy this poppet fidget toy on Amazon.


Having this bubble fidget toy is like having infinite bubble wrap! The popular toy is now in the shape of our favorite avocado.

6. Stylish pillow case with yoga poses from a tiny avocado.

Buy this pillow case on Amazon.

Great buy!

Made from cotton and linen, with a stylish double-sided print, this is all it takes to be the perfect sofa cushion!

7. Fantastically soft plush toy for home and play in the shape of a kawaii avocado.

Buy this plush toy on Amazon.

Recommended item!

The toy is made of material which gives you the most delicate skin touch feeling. Squeeze this cute baby-avocado in your arms, forgetting about all the troubles!

8. Unscented cream for daily cleansing with natural avocado oil.

Buy this cleansing cream on Amazon.

Not tested on animals!

A soothing, unscented cleanser ideal for dry or sensitive skin. Blended with avocado oil and vitamins C and E to hydrate, nourish, and brighten your skin in one go. It contains 98% natural ingredients!

9. Super fast-paced family card game Avocado Smash for a great evening together.

Buy this card game on Amazon.

Great gift!

Spice up your evening with family or friends with this dynamic and incredibly fun card game! A fresh take on the Snap game: you need to think and act quickly if you want to win! On average, a round takes only 10 minutes!

10. Funny silicone case for your AirPods with a cute avocado.

Buy this case on Amazon.

Our choice!

The shockproof case will protect your earphones and make you smile every time you take them out of your bag!

11. The couple’s avocado fancy dress costume for the avocado fans!

Buy this avocado fancy dress costume on Amazon.

One size!

These one-size-fits-all suits are sure to make you the highlight of any party. We are sure no one else will come in the same costume!

12. The most convenient 3-in-1 avocado tool for eating your favorite fruit.

Buy this avocado tool on Amazon.

Required purchase!

This all-in-one knife cuts, pits, and slices avocados conveniently and safely. Fold the blade for safe storage and eat your delicious avocado!

Have you sprouted an avocado pit? Share with us a photo of your home plants if you succeeded!

Bright Side is an Amazon Associate and gets commission for purchases made through links in this post.

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