12 Comics About the Hard Times Girls Have During “Those” Days

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4 years ago

6 years, this is how much time a woman will spend having her period over a lifetime. In order to avoid bad moods which go along with all the problems and discomfort during "those" days, we recommend looking at them with a sense of humor. Try to look at the situation from the outside. For example, isn't it funny how girls from pantyliner commercials differ from us during "those" days? Or how huge night pantyliners look compared to normal ones, it seems like they're about the size of an air mattress.

Bright Side created 12 true-to-life comics about "those" days that seem to sneak up on us every time. We hope they will raise your spirits and that you'll see yourself in them.

Diversity of underwear during "those" days leaves so much to be desired. On the other hand, they're comfy!

If there is a girl who doesn't feel any discomfort once a month, she's definitely an alien.

Sometimes our torturer comes late and then we are really glad to see them.

Hmm, this commercial promised us something completely different.

It seems there's a black hole where our stomach used to be.

Our emotional state changes perfectly on schedule.

Any simple action can turn into a disaster.

Sometimes "those" days just check our patience for strength.

Night pantyliners are always slightly bigger than regular ones.

Only a real man can do this.

Not all your underwear will outlive "those" days.

We might look fine from outside, but inside...

Did we miss something? Share your thoughts and stories how you feel during "those" days in the comments below.

Illustrator Alena Sofronova for Bright Side


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