17 People Who Clearly Missed the Memo

2 years ago

Sometimes our day just does not go smoothly due to a misunderstanding or we make a silly mistake because we didn’t know any better. Even though our innocent mistakes can leave us feeling a little embarrassed, it very often leaves everyone else crying with laughter. These moments prove that we never know what the day will bring and that we always have more to learn.

At Bright Side we value the alternative and the wonderful, so we simply had to share these photos of people completely missing the point in the best way possible.

1. “Was at my kid’s school for a costume parade. One Dad misunderstood in the best way possible.”

2. This poor kid doesn’t understand how it works yet.

3. Feeling left out from the khakis and black shirt club.

4. “We were supposed to go as bikers but he didn’t get the memo.”

5. Someone completely missed the memo on the Thames’ high tide today.

6. She came as Bilbo Baggins to the party but everyone else dressed up fashionably.

7. She completely missed the 1-2-3... jump!

8. Guess who forgot the snowplow was scheduled to pass...

9. Who on earth has been putting teabags down the toilet?!

10. This poor person who forgot about not chaining your bike to the wheel.

11. “My team said we were dressing as pirates...”

12. “Always ’the on stand right’ when going up an escalator in London.”

13. “Our theme was Grease.... I may have misunderstood.”

14. “I think I missed the dress up as Disney memo at my pool.”

15. She appears to have gotten a completely different invite than the others.

16. “Think they misunderstood the term ’hybrid’ car.”

17. “She told me to dress as Peeta. I misunderstood.”

When did you completely miss the memo? Have you ever missed the mark and turned up to an event in the wrong outfit?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit Etzweiler / Reddit


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