26 Unbeatable Proofs That Time Shows No Mercy

2 years ago

We rarely pay attention to the way the time flies. However, if we take a closer look at the things that surround us, we can immediately see the changes. These internet users shared pictures that prove that nothing remains unchanged over time.

Bright Side suggests that you look at these 26 photographs that show the speed of time. At the end of the article, we prepared a bonus for you that shows that there is one thing that can stand the destructive test of time.

This is what 30 years of graffiti looks like.

“My dad kept a bottle of children’s aspirin from my childhood for 45 years.”

One pillowcase had been used nearly every day for 40 years. The other had been in a closet.

This man’s skin damage on the left side of his face after 28 years of truck driving

Every day for 20 years Chinese monk Hua Chi knelt to do his prayers so many times during the day that his footprints remained ingrained into the wooden floor of the temple.

This pipe shows six months of mineral build up.

This can had been sitting in a cup holder for two years.

“The metal on these parts of my bag rubbed away over 10 years.”

“A decade-old banana my dad found in his ski jacket.”

Dried up salt water turned into squares.

Shoes that have been worn every day for 8 years, beside a new identical pair.

These M&Ms had been sitting there for over 10 years.

This key that’s been sitting in a lock since 1982.

“On the left, is a toy giraffe that I got 29 years ago. On the right, is the identical giraffe that my son has.”

Markings, from people’s heads, on the wall of a lecture hall.

“These jeans remember 2 phones of mine.”

The gate and its path in the brick

This deodorant was opened 3 years after it was purchased.

“We still have this small pumpkin my wife carved 3 years ago.”

The floor has worn out where people have been standing in this shop.

New vs old

These bags of cement were forgotten in the rain and hardened. They’ve now become stones.

The chains have worn into the stone.

Each bottle in this row is the same whiskey matured in the cask for one more year than the last.

“Took my dad to see if his first car was still where he left it 40 years ago. It was.”

“This key that I’ve worn as a necklace almost everyday over the past seven years finally wore through today.”

Bonus: This is a towel that in 30 years has survived 13 moves, a lightning strike, and countless washes. And it’s still as good as new!

When do you feel that time is flying? Do you have any time-lapse photos like these in your collection? Let’s discuss them in the comments.


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The towel must have been weaved by Athena or Arachne, got lost, she couldn't find it, the Ancient Greeks found it and took it, millenia later, a museum found it and took it, amazed by how it's fine, a shopkeeper stole this, got amnesia, then someone who knew him told him everything and who he was, he forgot the value of the towel, and sold it for the price of a normal towel to the guy who photographed it. End of story.


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