12 Goofy Celebrity Dads Who Make Parenting Look Super Fun

There’s something about caring dads that is simply irresistible. Seeing a father going the extra mile for their little one is a sight that overwhelms most of us with warmth and positive emotions. And when they are not afraid to look silly or act goofy just to see their children smile, it makes the whole parenting role all that more attractive and fun. These 12 cool celebrity dads strike the perfect balance between being playmates and role models to their little ones.

1. Dwayne Johnson

This tough superhero star completely melts when he is with his beloved daughters. He’ll do anything for them, even put on makeup, play dress up, and look completely silly if that’s what makes his kids happy.

2. Channing Tatum

One of the most handsome Hollywood stars is having a blast being a dad. Tatum gladly participates in dress-ups with his little girl and would even let her do his makeup if she was blindfolded. It seems that fatherhood has allowed him to discover other talents, like writing, as he recently wrote his own picture book for kids called Sparkella.

3. James Van Der Beek

Being a dad of 6 must be daunting at times, but James Van Der Beek makes it look so effortless. In each Instagram post with his kids, he’s simply beaming with joy — whether he snuggles with them, takes them on hikes and picnics, or just goofs around with his little ones.

4. Jason Momoa

Jason is known for his kindness and generosity, and it’s no different when it comes to his kids. He’ll go above and beyond to make their wishes come true, and he is more than happy to take his son and daughter to various red-carpet events and movie premieres where they get to meet their heroes.

5. John Legend

From attending ballet lessons with his daughter, to playing dress-up and wearing matching outfits with his son, the famous singer clearly has a great time being a dad.

6. Jay-Z

Although he keeps his kids out of the spotlight, whenever they’re seen together in public, Jay-Z seems like the most fun-loving, affectionate father to his and Beyoncé’s children. He admits that fatherhood changed him for the better and that he’s enjoying every second of it.

7. Chris Hemsworth

The Thor star is not only an idol for his fans, but also a superhero to his kids. Chris Hemsworth was thrilled to take his daughter on movie sets with him and happy to participate in an unforgettable, Thor-themed photo session with his twin sons.

8. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband have been devoted parents to their son and daughter. Harris, who prioritizes parenthood over his career, loves being creative when it comes to raising his kids. They often play games together, dress up in costumes, go on fun family trips, and he even admits to using magic tricks to prevent his children from fighting.

9. David Beckham

Between wearing superhero costumes, taking his kids to soccer games and concerts, and even sewing doll dresses for his daughter Harper, David Beckham is clearly having a blast raising his kids with his wife, Victoria Beckham.

10. Jeff Goldblum

Despite becoming a father at the age of 62, Jeff Goldblum is still very much youthful and energetic, especially when he’s around his children. He’s not afraid of showing his affectionate side and proudly shares those fun, joyful family moments on his Instagram.

11. Mark Wahlberg

As a father of 4, Mark Wahlberg certainly knows how to keep kids entertained. He admits disciplining his kids requires him to balance being strict with being loving and nurturing at the same time — and it seems he’s doing a great job so far.

12. Ethan Hawke

Whether he’s hanging out with his eldest daughter or son or entertaining his youngest kids, the father of 4, Ethan Hawke, looks like he thoroughly enjoys every second of being a dad.

Are there any other celebrity dads that you think should be on this list? What famous fathers do you admire most, and why?


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