12 Popular Clothing Items That Can Be Dangerous to Our Health

2 years ago

Many popular items of clothing or accessories are not as harmless as we think. If we don’t pay attention to the fabrics we wear, or if we buy sunglasses on the street or opt for fashionable but not really comfortable clothes, the consequences can be really bad.

At Bright Side, we believe that things we wear should not only be beautiful and comfortable but should also be safe. So, we made a list of items that you shouldn’t buy, or that you should wear with caution.

A blue swimsuit

When choosing a swimsuit for a child, go for one in a bright and contrasting color, like red, yellow, etc. They stand out well against the water: in the pool, a lake, or the sea. But it’s better to avoid blue swimwear for both yourself and your kids. In this swimsuit, a person in the water is almost invisible, and this is unsafe for obvious reasons.

Leggings that are too tight

The constant wearing of leggings can lead to skin irritation. The fact is that leggings are usually made of dense material and are pretty tight. When moving, the fabric rubs your delicate skin.

In addition, the body sweats in leggings, and the humid and warm environment is a fertile ground for bacterial growth. Therefore, it’s recommended to change them frequently and wash them after each use.

Some oversized clothes

It’s not just tight clothing that can be unsafe. Large and heavy hoodies can sometimes cause discomfort in the neck and back. Wide sleeves can make you keep your arms in an unnatural position, which can lead to tension in the muscles of your body.

When a person puts on a large hood over their head, they have to strain and stretch their neck forward in order to see. And the hood left hanging on your back can constrict your throat in an unpleasant way.

Sunglasses without special markings

The main purpose of sunglasses is the protection of your eyes from hazardous ultraviolet radiation, not just the brightness of sunlight. If your glasses don’t have a label that says UV 400, this accessory won’t provide you with the maximum protection.

UV protection can’t be defined by the darkness of the lenses. Black glasses can do more harm than good: they make your pupils dilate, and if there is no UV filter, your eyes can be seriously damaged. It’s recommended that you buy sunglasses in specialized stores that have special devices — called photometers.

Some summer hats

One of the main purposes of a hat is to protect you from the sun’s rays. And baseball caps aren’t really good at this because they leave the ears and neck open, which burn pretty quickly.

If you prefer to wear only baseball caps, cover the open areas of your neck and ears with sunscreen. By the way, straw hats, even wide-brimmed ones, are also not a very good option because they let the sun’s rays go through.

A pencil skirt

A woman dressed in a pencil skirt looks very elegant, but this piece of clothing makes it difficult to move naturally. As a result, not only your gait but also your posture changes, which can lead to back pain. It’s also difficult to bend your knees and sit in this item of clothing, which means that the back muscles experience additional tension during these movements.

A halter top or dress

These outfits usually put a lot of pressure on your neck, especially if you have a large chest. If a simple T-shirt evenly distributes weight across the shoulders, then clothes with ties hold the entire weight on your neck. As a result, a person has to maintain an uncomfortable position where the head is tilted forward and the shoulders are rounded and lowered.

Clothing made of bamboo fabric

Natural bamboo textiles are tough and rough. To soften the fibers and give the fabric elasticity, bamboo textiles are processed with various chemicals. These include carbon disulfide, sodium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid. And all of these compounds are toxic and can be hazardous to the environment.

Some types of waterproof clothes

Until recently, waterproof fabrics were made with the use of hazardous chemicals. After it became clear that they posed a potential threat to the environment and human health, manufacturers of sportswear began to look for alternatives. So, now you can choose a brand that has abandoned the use of these substances in the production of waterproof clothing.

Thick nylon tights

Due to friction, thick tights can irritate the skin, leading to rashes and calluses. There is another problem — tights can alter the natural position of the toes, which leads to negative consequences. Therefore, tights can be just as dangerous as shoes with a narrow toe box or high-heeled shoes.

A tight headband

Elastic synthetic headbands sometimes compress the frontalis muscles, which can lead to discomfort and headaches. It’s better to use looser headbands made from natural fabrics.

Gladiator sandals

Trendy gladiator sandals with straps that wrap around the ankles and calves are not just uncomfortable, but they can harm your legs. These shoes disrupt blood circulation, which ultimately leads to edema and even varicose veins. It’s okay to wear them, just don’t do it every day.

What trendy clothes would you never wear because they are really uncomfortable? Tell us in the comments below.

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