12 Things Our Moms Did That Prove They’re Real Heroines

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4 years ago

There are more than 2 billion moms in the world. And all of them have one thing in common — well, 2 things: they love their kids and they all are heroines. They sacrifice everything for us and we couldn’t be more thankful for this.

We at Bright Side truly believe that each mom has superpowers for doing all they do. And here’s a reminder of all the hard work they’ve done for us.

1. A mom can cure any family member, even if she has to cure herself.

2. She doesn’t blame us for changing her body.

3. A mom forgets about good sleep so that we can have it.

4. She uses all her creativity so we won’t be hungry.

5. A mom runs to our first call no matter what she’s doing.

6. And even at night, she’s always there to help us.

7. A mom always accepts us and our choices.

8. She sacrifices her needs to make us happier.

9. And her superpower of finding our stuff is just mind-blowing!

10. A mom accepts our quirks and lets us express ourselves.

11. She’s full of patience and can wait for us forever.

12. And even if a mom knows what childbirth is like, she bravely does it again since we’re her greatest joy.

We say moms are total heroines! What’s one other word you’d use to describe moms?


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I don't think "She doesn’t blame us for changing her body" is a good argument.. it's not our fault, she chose to have us ?


The finding stuff thing is such a true mom power, they always know where to find everything


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