12 Times Celebrity Outfits Had References to Movies

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It’s hard to take your eyes off the celebrities on the red carpet at movie premieres and award ceremonies. Outfits created by the stylists, designers, and sometimes celebrities themselves look dashing. Moreover, sometimes these garments have references to movies and characters.

Being big movie fans, we at Bright Side couldn’t pass by the cases when celebrities reminded us about their famous roles with the help of clothes. The bonus at the end will tell you about an actor who repeated not the look but the gesture of his movie character.

Margot Robbie

At the premiere of the superheroic movie Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, Margot Robbie appeared in an unusual dress by Dries Van Noten, decorated with ostrich feathers and completed with long pink gloves.

This outfit is a reference to the name of the movie and the bright character — Harley Quinn.

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain appeared with bright makeup and wearing a shiny 1970s dress by Burberry on the red carpet of The Eyes of Tammy Faye’s premiere. It’s in those years that the character of the movie started her road to fame, which the flick actually talks about.

Helen Mirren

In order to present the Catherine the Great series, Helen Mirren donned a turquoise dress with puffy sleeves, a floor-length opera coat and jewelry by David Webb. The outfit looked royal, like the ones her character, the empress, was wearing.

Sarah Jessica Parker

At the premiere of And Just Like That... the actress was wearing a custom tulle dress by Oscar de la Renta. This detail resembles a famous tutu in which Carrie Bradshaw appears at the opening of Sex and the City. In its sequel of the year 2021, we again saw the character of Sarah Jessica Parker in a tulle skirt.

Emma Watson

At the premiere of Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson who played Belle looked as if a character from a fairy tale with a long train. This elegant dress was created by the designer Emilia Wickstead.

Brie Larson

The star of a superheroic movie, Captain Marvel, appeared at a special show of the flick, donning a shimmering costume by Rodarte. The actress was holding a bright pink clutch bag with a sign “Captain” — this is a direct reference to the movie.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence attracted everyone’s attention at the premiere of Mother! with her fairy-tail dress by Christian Dior Couture. A similar dress with a V-shaped neckline was worn by her character in the flick. It was also there on the movie poster that was, but the way, located behind the actress’s back at the premiere.

Taron Egerton

The Hollywood actor recreated the image of his character from the biopic Rocketman by donning a denim jacket with patches. The costume designers were probably inspired by Elton John’s (played by Taron) clothes when creating this jacket.


The young actress has many times chosen outfits inspired by the images from flicks where she acted. When presenting Spider-Man: Far from Home, the girl donned a red-black dress by Armani Prive. Zendaya told that it was her own version of Spider-Man. By the way, Tom Holland who played the main role in the flick is dating Zendaya.

In 2021, at the premiere of Dune, Zendaya appeared in an asymmetrical dress created by Rick Owens and looked like her alien heroine.

Catherine O’Hara

One of the most memorable movies starring Catherine O’Hara was Beetle Juice, in 1988. The actress was inspired by the image of the main character, who was wearing a striped suit, and later wore black and white outfits for various premieres.

At first, Catherine appeared in a dress by Marc Jacobs at the Tony Awards, then in an outfit by Greta Constantine at the Emmy Awards.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicole Kidman

In order to present The Northman, a flick about a hero of a Scandinavian legend, actresses Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicole Kidman opted for dresses that have references to their on-screen looks. Nicole who played the Queen donned a dress by Prada and resembled a Northern goddess in it. Anya, who played the role of a sorceress, was wearing a white dress by Dior.

Bonus: Oscar Isaac

On the red carpet of the 78th Venice Film Festival, Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain were presenting the flick Scenes From a Marriage. When posing in front of the photographers, the actor tenderly kissed his colleague on her arm.

The same romantic act was done by the main character of The Addams Family — Gomez Addams. After his spouse Morticia started to speak French, he would kiss her on her arm.

As curious as it might sound, in 2019, Oscar was voicing over Gomez in the new animation version of The Addams Family.

In which of these outfits did you manage to see the references right away? Which of them are the coolest in your opinion?


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