13 Celebrities Who Personalize Their Accessories to Get a One-in-a-Million Look

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When we think about jewelry, we usually strive to acquire something original that will project our personality in all of its brightness. But the truth is, no one is alike, and generally, with accessories, the same design is usually made so that more than one person will buy it. Therefore, the only way to reflect our essence in a jewel is to make a unique and exclusive design just for us, and many celebrities are fully aware of this.

Bright Side is about to show you some celebrities who didn’t stop on the first try and personalized their jewelry by implementing their favorite things or people in their designs.

Although nameplates were originally used as decorations among rap stars, Carrie Bradshaw (played Sarah Jessica Parker) was one of those people who imposed this trend on the fashion world and made it iconic in the Sex and the City series.


The famous pop singer, Beyoncé, seems to be a lover of personalized jewelry, especially if they refer to the people she loves. She has repeatedly worn jewelry that featured the word “Blue” and as many of us already know, it has nothing to do with the color of the sky, but with her daughter, Blue Ivy. She has also shown another type of pendant, one that reads “B Heart Blue,” which could be translated as “Beyoncé loves Blue,” and another nameplate that reads “Mrs. Carter,” in honor of her marriage to Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton sometimes wears a gold moon-shaped pendant by Cleethorpes designer, Daniela Draper, which is engraved with “G. L. C.” — the initials of her 3 children: George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Before this, Kate’s sister, Pipa Middleton, had given her a personalized necklace that held more meaning than we could ever imagine. It has the name of her first son, George Alexander Louis, engraved on it. And then, on one side of it, it has a small amulet with the letter “W” engraved in it, in honor of Prince William. And on the other side of the necklace is a nod to a similar piece that the late duchess, her mother-in-law, used to wear. The piece was designed by Merci Maman.

Katie Holmes

While she was in a relationship with actor Tom Cruise, the actress was seen wearing a beautiful gold necklace with glitter, forming the letter “S” for her daughter, Suri. This jewel was designed by Jennifer Meyer.

Miley Cyrus

The singer and actress is no stranger to customized accessories. Among them, she has worn her name on a shiny pendant and a more discreet one with the initials “M” and “C” from her name. She has also worn a large “M” hanging around her neck on several occasions. In the past, she was even seen wearing an earring with Liam’s name in capital letters in gold, a detail that clearly referred to her then-partner, Liam Hemsworth. However, the most iconic thing Miley has worn in an outfit was a pair of black heels: on the back, one had the letter “M” and the other, the letter “C” for the initials of her first and last name.


The Queen of Pop wore a beautiful necklace with the word “WE” hanging from it with small shiny stones embedded in it. W.E. was the name of a film that was co-written and directed by Madonna. While the film was being promoted, the singer wore this accessory to several red carpets.

Kim Kardashian

The socialite has shown up wearing a vintage-style piece around her neck. This pendant was a gift from the famous rapper, Kanye West. Kardashian revealed on her Instagram account that the gift has a recorded message of a conversation she and West had, in which a picture of a garden is displayed. In the statement, her husband had mentioned some of the things that made the star what she is now. “This is your life. Married with 4 kids. Get people out of jail. Cover of Vogue. Go to church every week with your family. Dreams come true,” West said, which is now engraved in the plaque. “He’s always the most thoughtful when it comes to gifts,” Kardashian once said. This gift was designed by Cartier.

Kanye West

The rapper, as well as husband to Kim Kardashian, decided to personalize a necklace with her name, but he put a spin on it by translating it into Arabic in fine golden italics. Kardashian also has a personalized necklace in Arabic letters. However, the most beautiful detail we’ve seen hanging from the rapper’s neck are 2 plaques with the words “Nori” and “Saint” in honor of his little children, North West and Saint West.


Without a doubt, Rihanna is a fashion icon in her own right, as she has always shown us looks worthy of imitation. Rihanna has worn customized necklaces with different words many times in the past. During her attendance at the Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week, the singer wore a necklace with Arabic letters that translated to “Jeremy” in honor of designer Jeremy Scott.

Miranda Kerr

Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr, has repeatedly adorned her neck with a gold pendant with Flynn’s name in italics in the center. Flynn is her first child, whom she conceived with her then-husband Orlando Bloom. The Victoria’s Secret Angel has been wearing this jewelry since Flynn was just 2 years old.

Jennifer Lopez

The famous Latin singer and actress changed the now traditional style of having the name on a necklace and showed us her style with some golden earrings personalized with her name. These earrings were designed by Jennifer Zeuner. J.Lo has also worn pendants with her name on them and one more with the number 13, in honor of the number worn by her partner, Alex Rodriguez, during his baseball career.



In early 2013, Adele walked out with a neck ornament made of gold letters that read “Angelo” in italics. The detail was surprising since, until that moment, Adele had not wanted to reveal the name of her son, who was a baby at the time. However, with that little gesture, the media began to speculate and managed to confirm that her little boy’s name was Angelo and that the necklace she was wearing was in his honor. In addition to that, Adele also ordered a gold pendant with the word “Mummy” written in her own writing. It’s a unique and special detail that recognizes her as a mother.

Stormi Scott Jenner

Recently, Kylie Jenner, Stormi’s mother, posted a series of photos in which the little girl can be seen wearing a pair of personalized earrings with her name in the center. And while the 2-year-old may not be the one to decide which accessories to wear, she does wear them in style.

What would be your ideal personalized piece for you or someone you love to wear? Do you already have one? Share your photos in the comments and tell us what they mean.

From a challenging upbringing in Barbados to becoming a nine-time Grammy winner, Rihanna’s journey is a testament to her resilience and hard work. Born to a warehouse supervisor and an accountant, she helped her father sell clothes on the street to make ends meet. Discovered at 15, she quickly rose to stardom and is now a billionaire entrepreneur, focusing on her beauty and fashion ventures while planning a musical comeback.


I think these people looked great before they had the jewelry
I kinda think it's weird for a little kid wear does kind of earnings but if her parents think that is okay, then Im okay with it
I love carry's necklace and I made one similar with my name... I find it cute and fashionable :)

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