13 Moving GIFs That Can Warm You Like a Cup of Hot Chocolate

3 years ago

The world is full of good people that bring love and joy. These people can be very generous, they help others, and just enjoy every single day of their lives, even when they’re at work.

Bright Side encourages everyone to act like these 13 people.

1. That $200 tip reaction

2. “Sir, please bring your vehicle to a complete stop.”

3. Just shared a beer with a flying man...

4. This policeman asks for a hug from a protester to deflate a heated situation.

5. This is true love.

6. This little boy brings a street dog to free food and water.

7. Faith in humanity restored.

8. Employee catches 2 elderly men about to fall backward on an escalator.

9. This mascot protects this kid from a foul ball.

10. Keanu makes sure everyone is in the picture.

11. Tattoo proposal

12. A police station in Peru has set up a food and water dispenser for homeless dogs.

13. When you listen to your favorite music at work:

Have you ever witnessed or done anything like this?

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I also always try to feed homeless animals, little dogs and cats. It's hot outside, an they desperately want some fresh water. Who will help them if not us? :)
I have witnessed an old couple, who hugged each other so soft and kissed the cheeks of each other, it was so sweet :3
#12 impressed me the most. I love to read about good deeds like this! :)

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