13 Selfie Tricks That Will Make Your Photos Close to Perfection

The ability of taking a good selfie is nothing short of science. It has its own rules and life hacks that bloggers and other trendy people have been using for a long time. Many of the tricks are easy to remember and use when needed.

For Bright Side, I decided to test some selfie hacks and tips from the internet and realized that many of them really work. At the end of the article, I added a bonus — an important detail that always helps to take an amazing shot.

1. Use good light

The best way to take a quality photo is natural light. Artificial light is always worse, and a flash often makes us appear older and creates bad shadows. When taking a picture, stand in front of a window and make sure the light source is in front of you, not behind your back.

You can get great photos on a cloudy day. If there’s a lot of sun, go into the shadow. Experts recommend against taking photos in direct sunlight because there will be shadows that will distort the proportions of the face.


  • If you are inside, come closer to the window.
  • If you are taking a photo in the city at night, come close to a brightly lit storefront.
  • The best time for a photo is at sunrise or at sundown: the light is very soft, and it masks the problems of the skin.
  • Avoid photos at home with the light above you. Try finding additional light you can set in front of yourself.

2. Try the model face life hack

Recently, a small life hack for making a model face for photos became popular online. The idea is simple: open your mouth as wide as you can, keep the smile, and raise your eyebrows. Now, keep your eyebrows raised and remove the smile. This is the model face.

You will probably ask: can’t I just raise my eyebrows? I experimented and realized that there’s a difference. When you just raise the eyebrows, the face looks surprised, nothing special about it. It’s the smile: after the manipulations, even when you remove the smile, the eyes keep smiling.

3. Open your mouth a little

In order to relax the face and make the expression more sensual, all you have to do is to open your lips a little and breathe in through your mouth. As a bonus: your lips will look fuller.

By the way, it’s better to leave the duck face in the past. Now, fish gape is trendy. Back in 2015, there were celebrities that started taking selfies with open mouths as if there were talking. The tendency is still alive and popular.

4. Watch the lip corners

The lips’ corners turned down add at least 10 extra years. They should always be raised, even if you are making a serious face. And don’t forget to smile with your eyes and look right into the camera instead of somewhere on the screen.

5. Choose a good background

There’s always a background in any picture, so it’s better to make sure it looks good even if your face is the center of attention. Any makeup and any outfit will lose its shine in a dirty room. Look for beautiful places and try changing the angle to make the background more interesting. The result might be unexpected.

6. Find your good side and the right angle

You probably have your favorite side of the face and expression you like yourself with the most. If not, practice a little: take a lot of selfies from a bunch of different angles, look into the mirror and look for your good side. Find the angles and the expression you totally like. Someone likes their head tilted, someone doesn’t, it depends on your taste.

By the way, if you point the camera at yourself from the top, you will look cuter: the eyes will appear bigger and the chin and the lips will look smaller. And if you take a selfie from below, the look will be more mysterious because the lips will be bigger, and the eyes smaller.

7. Do special makeup

You can make brighter makeup for a selfie than usual. For example, you can use contouring and sculpturing without shading, you can enlarge the line of lips with lipsticks — the face will look more lively and memorable. In real life, such makeup might look messy, but the camera doesn’t capture the colors and shades as well, so the face will look better with such makeup.

8. Use accessories to create your look

If you are tired of selfies, try using accessories to make them feel new. Stylish sunglasses, trendy hats, jewelry, scarves, and shawls can help you create a fresh look.

9. Try the cat eye life hack

To create the cat eye look, you don’t need any plastic surgery. You can do a temporary “lifting” at home. Take 2 locks on the sides and tie them back under the hair. The eye corners and eyebrows will be lifted. Of course, it’s not for all selfies, but you can try this sometimes.

10. Try to look natural

A photo should show the real mood, not fake emotions. If you are happy, smile, if you are sad, cry. By the way, the photo doesn’t have to be perfect.

People are tired of perfect photos and natural, accidental shots are actually quite popular. Many celebrities realized this too — they often post no-makeup selfies and show their ordinary days.

11. Don’t forget about your hands

Selfies appear much more lively if there are hands in the shot. You can touch your face, lean on the hand, or even cover part of your face. Of course, there are certain trends here, too. For example, the left photo is the so-called T. rex hand, it has to look like this in order to show the nails.

The second shot is me in the “headachepose. This is another trend — girls started taking selfies with a hand at their temples, trying to stretch the skin as high as possible. The reason is simple: the cheekbones look more prominent, and so do the eyes and the eyebrows.

12. Don’t take selfies too close to the face

The front camera distorts the facial features. To keep them correct, you should take selfies from as far as possible, so stretch the arm holding the phone. In order to remove the arm from the shot, use zoom or crop the image after. Hundreds of comments under the post of the blogger that discovered this life hack proved that it works.

13. Make a reverse selfie

There’s a new, promising reverse selfie trend. It’s a selfie taken with the front camera looking into the mirror. The effect of endless selfies is created, especially if the screen is near to the mirror. It seems that not such a long time ago, we used to show our phone cases.

Bonus: A pet always makes selfies better

Even Dubai’s selfie museum allows pets. Everyone knows that our pets can make any photo look bright and unforgettable. All of their sides are good sides.

Which of these selfie hacks are completely new to you? Tell us in the comment section below!


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