13 Strict Style Lessons That Kate Middleton Has Learned as a Duchess

2 years ago

Great Britain is one of the few countries that has managed to keep a monarchy through the centuries. This became possible thanks to the country’s loyalty to traditions. Special requirements regarding the way royal people look is a part of these traditions. So, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of an heir apparent, always finds herself as center of attention for the mass media and ordinary people. Today, she is a great example of elegance, but everything was different in the past.

Bright Side admires the Duchess’ style and recalls which fashion lessons she had to learn. We’re not suggesting that anyone needs a personal stylist, but there are a few interesting tips that Kate uses that we should make note of.

Don’t rely on yourself — hire an expert.

When you’re your own personal stylist.

Images created with a stylist.

In 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge took part in a Vogue photoshoot (see picture above). Kate created this look herself of an ordinary cowgirl and decided not to hire a stylist. Unfortunately, the image was criticized by people: they said it was too simple for a duchess. Later Kate realized she didn’t want to take risks and decided to turn to the experts.

In April 2019, the world found out Kate Middleton’s assistant, Natasha Archer, went on maternity leave, and Virginia Chadwyck Healey is her new stylist now. The future Duchess met Virginia while she was a student: the girls studied art history together at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Thanks to a fresh mind, Kate’s look is more modern and impressive.

Start wearing trendy items gradually and with caution.

The Duchess is the representative of the British monarchy and the future Queen consort. She can’t let herself be too keen on fashion unlike, for example, Meghan Markle whose husband is 6th in line for the throne.

All of Kate’s looks are limited by tradition, they should stand apart from trendy fashion and be timeless. The rules allow her to carefully add some modern trends. This is the reason we sometimes see the Duchess with open shoulders or wearing pleated skirts. But we’ll never spot her wearing leopard tights, fashionable bomber jackets, or oversized blazers.

Get rid of worn-out clothes in time.

When Catherine was getting used to her new title, she used to wear worn-out suede ankle boots. No one should be wearing shabby clothes and shoes, especially if we’re talking about a member of the Royal family.

Buy a couple of identical items.

To avoid the problem described in a previous paragraph, the Duchess buys 2 or more identical items (but in different colors.) Take a look at her dress by Alexander McQueen: we can see her wearing the same dresses in different colors at several events.

Choose skirts that are an elegant length.

After becoming the Duchess, Catherine was still choosing skirts and dresses that were pretty short and used to receive the Queen’s disapproval. Later, both Catherine and her assistants revised their attitude toward skirt length. The elegant midi-length lets Kate stay within the conservative Royal style and not to be afraid of getting in an awkward situation because something is too short.

Avoid light dresses and skirts when it’s windy.

The Duchess has gorgeous long legs, but the “Marilyn Monroe effect” and the Royal dress code are incompatible. So, Kate’s skirt hems are “supplied” with special weights so that the wind can’t destroy the Royal member’s reputation.

Adapt your outfits to the dress code.

A lot of things are suitable for the runway, but not all of them are OK for the British family. Thus, designer outfits are modified according to the rules. Royal assistants may change the length of an item, the shape of sleeves, the fabric’s transparency, and the neckline depth.

Don’t forget about stylish diplomacy.

During foreign tours, the royal protocol experts think about all the details. Thus, during a trip to Canada, the Duchess wore red and white attire and her hat was decorated with maple leaves, the symbol of Canada.

To visit the poor neighborhoods of New Delhi, an Indian style dress, which only cost 50 British pounds (around $60) was chosen. People in the public eye not only have to master the art of fashion diplomacy, but when choosing an item, they also have to think about whether it’s suitable or not for this or that situation.

Use a coat like a second dress.

A coat is an essential part of your wardrobe if the climate in your country resembles the UK’s climate. And if you’re a duchess, you have to think about both comfort and aesthetics. A coat that resembles a dress is a great choice that allows us to combine comfort and femininity.

By the way, this trick can be applied to anyone living in countries with cold winters.

Wear brightly colored clothing (if the Queen isn’t around).

This what Catherine learned from Queen Elizabeth. A monarch has to wear bright clothes to be visible in the crowd. And Kate, the future Queen consort, has to get used to looking bright. When she was Prince William’s girlfriend, she used to wear clothes in more subtle and subdued colors, and after the marriage, the amount of vivid looks in her wardrobe has grown.

But if Queen Elizabeth is also present at an event, Kate chooses clothes of pastel or dark colors. According to the protocol, it’s prohibited to be brighter than the Queen.

Experiment with hats.

Wearing elegant hats is a tribute to strict British traditions and protocol. But Kate managed to turn this tradition into her own personal feature: fascinator hats really suit her. And Kate’s wide silk or velvet headbands are a great item that can replace a hat.

The Duchess became a trendsetter: thanks to her, headbands started to appear in the latest designer collections and came into fashion. So even a conservative style can influence modern trends.

Choose light floor length dresses for nighttime events.

When it comes to nighttime looks, the Duchess prefers calm pastel colors and light floor length dresses. We have to admit that they look really noble on her.

Thus, in February 2019, her image at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards made a splash. The white dress she chose by Alexander McQueen (on the left) looked really amazing on her.

Always remember that you’re a princess and millions of people are looking at you.

After years of constant attention, Kate Middleton now understands that she always has to be mindful of her reputation: whether it be during a sporting event, a family stroll, or a few hours after giving birth to a child. The members of the Royal family have no weekends and even a minor image flaw can become the subject of close attention by the world media and ordinary people.

Do you know any other useful style tips from Kate Middleton? Do you have any other role models in the world of fashion?


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this is absurd. she and that family are living in the highest form of welfare on earth. anyone can look pretty and wear pretty clothes when you live off of others. (the common people) anyone can smile, do the dutchess thing.. this is a farce. Women, you should know better....


All I know about Kate is that she is gorgeous and knows how to look elegant in any situation. I just love her!


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