13 utterly sublime breakfast recipes

2 years ago

The atmosphere at family meals is always imbued with a little magic. Pretty much everyone remembers those childhood moments when the whole family would wake up on the weekends to amazing smells coming from the kitchen, and you’d all gather round the table to enjoy a delicious meal.

To make sure those wonderful experiences aren’t just a memory, we at Bright Side have put together a selection of the most unusual and incredibly delicious options for breakfast. We guarantee that all of them can surprise and delight your loved ones in equal measure.

Porridge with berries

Breakfast burrito

French toast with banana

Polenta Benedict


“Monkey bread”

The easiest sponge cake ever

Blueberry muffins

Chocolate banana smoothie

Hash browns

Omelet with spinach and tomato

Lemon cake

Egg in a basket


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