10+ Clever Tricks That Will Help You Save Your Clothes and Shoes

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10 months ago

We often have to part with our favorite things due to damage or an untidy appearance. It’s much worse when this happens with very new items.

Bright Side decided to gather some proven tricks that can give your clothes and shoes a second chance.

Use a nail file to carefully clean suede shoes

For this and other shoe cleaning tricks, tap here.

Window cleaner will make patent leather glossy again

Read the details in this blog.

To get rid of an unpleasant persistent smell, put your clothes in a ziplock bag and leave in a freezer overnight

Other ways to get rid of unpleasant odors are described here.

A mixture of cold water and vinegar deals with spots on leather products

See the details here.

Dish detergent can help you to quickly cope with a grease stain

All you need to do is apply some detergent on the spot and rub.

Wax or transparent nail polish helps remove scratches on leather shoes

Gently apply to the damaged place. When the wax hardens, wipe carefully with a piece of flannel fabric, and then with shoe polish.

Super glue will easily fix tears on leather shoes

Lubricate the damaged area with glue from the inside, using a match or a toothpick. Press the glued area with a cloth for 3-4 minutes, then apply several layers of paint in a matching color.

To prevent dark jeans fading, add vinegar and salt to your detergent powder when washing

Click here for details.

To clean nubuck shoes, mix 1:3 ammonia and water, or dissolve 1 tbsp of vinegar in 1 liter of clean warm water

Click here for details.

To make an old item soft again, soak it in salty water

Add half a glass of salt to a liter of water, and leave your things in this mixture for 3 days. Then add some detergent, and wash them in a washing machine.

To remove stains from a leather handbag, wipe it with a cloth or a cotton pad soaked in vinegar

It’s important to use only white vinegar for light things because others can dye them.

You can wash silk by adding some hair conditioner

It will make this delicate and beautiful material even softer.

You can safely remove pilling from clothing using Velcro

You’ll find more ways to get rid of pilling on this website.

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