14 Mind-Racking Mysteries People Could Only Solve When They Asked the Internet for Help

3 years ago

It’s hard to imagine now, but not so long ago, if we found a strange object we hadn’t seen before, we would have to go to the library or ask each and every person we know for an answer. All we need to do to have a riddle solved today is to post a picture of our mysterious finding on social media and wait for the comments.

Here at Bright Side, we bring you 14 riddles that Reddit users solved with each other’s help, and we bet that at least some of these objects will leave you puzzled too.

1. “Found this hidden in the ceiling of my basement with a bunch of others. It’s made out of glass, appears to have some sort of tape or paper border around it.”

Nice find! It’s a magic lantern glass slide. @-_-BaDgEr-_-

Magical lanterns are optical viewing devices that date back to the 17th century, and the earliest slides were hand-painted.

2. “It’s been in my family garage for years. Is it a type of nut?”

It’s a seed pod from an Australian Banksia shrub. @DegeneratesInc

These seed pods are actually the fruits of the tree, and they’re often used for woodturning crafts.

3. “Found this washed up on a beach in Massachusetts. It’s wooden and looks handcrafted... Maybe a piece of a chair?”

Wow! It looks like a Davis quadrant or a backstaff, a navigational instrument that is the predecessor of the sextant. @hopscentric

4. “Got this as a prize in a Christmas cracker with no instructions, just a few sharp hooks?”

That’s a needle threader. @BattleFlan

You can see how automatic needle threaders work in this video.

5. “Found it in a middle school, it has 4 padded rollers. The blue and red rollers swing out and tension is adjusted by the bungie cords. What is this thing?”

It’s a squeeze machine for children with autism. @jackrats

This steam roller is designed to provide pressure that children with neurological processing disorders need. Children are supposed to crawl between the rollers and experience this pressure.

6. “What is this stabby thing on wheels?”

It’s for weeding cracks and crevices. @jackrats

This garden tool will help you get rid of weeds growing from cracks and other narrow spaces.

7. “Found this thing on the beach. It’s solid and smells like seaweed, what is it?”

Codium bursa is a medium-sized green marine algae. @aclownunderasaw

This algae can grow up to 30 cm across. It consists of loosely packed filaments that form ball-shaped structures.

8. “Small terra-cotta turtle purchased at a garden center. What’s it meant to be used for?”

Looks like a plant stand. You put 3 or 4 under a pot to allow for drainage. @dinosandhotdogs

Here are some similar turtle-shaped pot stands made of resin.

9. “What is this glass within a glass?”

It’s an old glass for seafood, you put ice chips inside to keep the food cold. @Manu_ibarra

10. “A silver utensil. When you press the button on one end the grips open.”

It’s a sugar cube holder (tongs). @cheesysnipsnap

11. “I got a bag containing 6 of these. What are they?”

It’s a Rose of Jericho, or Resurrection Plant. @GatorInAVest

This plant can stay dry for many years and come alive in all its glory when coming into contact with water.

12. “The hole gets smaller when I squeeze it. Found it in the kitchen at my parents’ house. What do I use it for?”

This tool is used to strip corn on the cob. @More_BRAAAINS

13. “IKEA coffee mug, what is the thing at the bottom?”

It’s a “draining gate.” @Bradders33

These drainage gates don’t let water accumulate when the mug is placed upside down in the dishwasher.

14. “Found this second hand, it opens up. It’s made of metal. What is it?”

It’s an egg basket. @jackrats

This is an antique egg basket made of wire.

Have you ever found an object that completely puzzled you? Post the pictures of the mysteries you can’t solve in the comments, and let’s find the answers together!

Preview photo credit ryan4loco / Reddit


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