14 Photos That Got Into the Hands of Photoshop Experts

year ago

Those who know how to use Photoshop or video editors have unlimited possibilities at their fingertips. They can place themselves in their favorite movie, or turn their beloved cat into a superhero. But those who don’t know how to do it, turn to Photoshop specialists for help. However, you have to be careful with what you’re asking for because these cunning experts can play tricks on you.

“My cousin posted her kissing nothing. Feel free to photoshop her kissing literally anything and send it my way.”

“Can someone please make it look like my cat is in Titanic, being drawn by Jack, like one of his French girls?”

“Can someone please photoshop my dog onto the scene where Jack is holding Rose at the front of the ship?”

“I was hoping someone could make my dog look like a Renaissance painting.”

“My brother while bowling. Can someone turn this into a Renaissance piece too please?”

“Please make my sister’s cat do something cool instead of just looking out of the window.”

“Can someone get rid of the husband please?”

“My kiddo said my drawing doesn’t look like a dolphin. Help me prove them wrong?”

“Can someone reduce my wife in size by like 35%? I want her to look tiny next to her new car.”

“Would somebody like to transport our cat into a funny situation?”

“My mother-in-law hates the sandals she’s wearing. Does anyone feel like giving her some hilarious replacements?”

“Could someone make my dog one of Santa’s reindeer, pulling his sleigh?”

“Can someone photoshop something funny in front my cat please? Rupert is disappointed in my noodles.”

“Can you add something funny to this photo please?”

Would you dare to send your photo to Photoshop experts?


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