14 Pics That’ll Make You Boil With Fury and Then 14 That’ll Give You Peace

4 years ago

Life is made up of contrasts. Like when you see that your donut has lost all its chocolate topping because you put it into the bag upside down, and a moment later you gaze at a heart-shaped strawberry that is the epitome of perfection. Our daily lives are full of mildly infuriating sights, followed by sweet moments of admiring harmony and beauty.

Here at Bright Side we’ve prepared 2 collections of pictures for you: the first one will send shivers down your spine, and the second one will soothe your tired eyes and give you some peace of mind and relaxation.

1. “This is how they send me my contacts. Every. Year.”

2. “Who looked at this and said, ’Yeah, this is fine’?”

3. “Just finished my 499 piece puzzle.”

4. Why on earth didn’t they swap those seats?

5. “My daughter got this for her birthday.”

6. “Is this even a fortune cookie?”

7. “This is how they decided to write on my sister’s graduation cake.”

8. “cut it wrong. I think they”

9. When it’s your birthday, it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to eat your birthday cake.

10. “I put my donut in the bag chocolate side down.”

11. Just why?

12. Each of these potatoes is individually wrapped in plastic...

13. “Took a bite of my ice cream and felt a sharp poke.”

14. Cutting pizza in an Edward Scissorhands style

And now it’s time to give your eyes a rest. Enjoy!

1. The shadow from this glass bowl

2. “My dog’s white stripe lines up perfectly with the water’s edge.”

3. “The way my mousse exploded overnight”

4. The way an ordinary vegetable can show you all the colors of the rainbow

5. “A flower from my mom’s garden”

6. “Our dog matches our shag area rug almost perfectly.”

7. “My coffee this morning. I didn’t know if I should start drinking it or just keep staring at it.”

8. “My wife cut her avocado and it pulled apart like this.”

9. “Colorful cake for my son’s 3rd birthday party tomorrow”

10. “I cracked this egg, but the yolk sac remained intact.”

11. “This perfect cluster of apples”

12. “Behold! The world’s most perfect ice cream cone!”

13. Mesmerizing rainbow hair

14. A perfect heart-shaped strawberry

What sights have recently infuriated or pleased you the most? Do you have pictures of those sights to share with us in the comments?

Preview photo credit dankenport / Reddit, Unknown / Imgur


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Haha number 5 is like the perfectly unperfect gif for a kid! ??


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