15 Ads Where the Creators Made Their Own Rules and Won

4 years ago

Too many advertisements annoy customers, especially if they are boring and were made in accordance with the typical rules in this industry. But some people are really passionate about their job, and they decided to step up their game and came up with new ideas that will almost certainly catch the eye of potential customers. Advertising screens that allow you to charge your phone or paper advertisements that look like pieces of art probably won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Bright Side loves creative people who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, so we gathered 15 examples of unusual advertisements that you’re unlikely to come across every day. At the end of the article, you’ll find a perfect example showing that, sometimes, you have to look twice to understand the ingenuity of some things.

1. The owner of this store knows how to attract The Big Lebowski fans:

2. Just look how happy getting a simple haircut can make you:

3. Sometimes advertisements can even help you with family problems:

4. “The picture of this Japanese movie advertisement is printed on 2 sides of the newspaper, so the full picture can be seen under light.”

5. Oh, these humans can be so irritating!

6. This sweet ad promotes pet adoption:

7. Moby-Dick and Lego are a perfect combination:

8. Well, this might be motivational for some gym lovers...

9. This ad’s screen really does charge your phone:

10. “This screen ad featuring Edinburgh Castle with the real thing in the background”

11. Looks like a legit reason to support local businesses.

12. You can never be too ready, you know?

13. It seems like we just autocorrect some things in our brains:

14. How heartless do you have to be to separate these cuties?

“Oh! Oh! Can my husband come too? MARTHA! Don’t leave me!”

15. We hope that clown won’t hop out of this sewer:

“It is closer than you think. #ITmovie in cinemas / September 7.”

Bonus: You have to wait for the night to come to enjoy this Dracula ad in all its glory.

Have you ever come across any ingenious advertisements? Why did they attract your attention?

Preview photo credit sn0rk95 / reddit


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