15 Amazing Pictures That Are All About the Angle

4 years ago

Owning a camera doesn't make you a photographer. Apart from the equipment, you need a special vision. These photos of duck paws, a flamingo, and a regular grater were taken by those who have it. Now you can get all the visual pleasure you want.

Bright Side has gathered photos that provide a different view on ordinary things and it looks really cool.

A duck – bottom view

An elephant's eyelashes

A flamingo

A cat

A plane-hammock

The inside of a cheese grater

Saint Paul's Cathedral, London

A sunrise from the skies

A cloud dog

A tree in Ohio

A soap bubble

A plane

A dog diving to get the ball

A caravan

Just a photo of the moray eel's face

Do you have any unusual and captivating photographs? Share them with us in the comments and we'll include the best ones in our next article!

Preview photo credit dopreS0891/Pikabu


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